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I’m not sure if you guys remember, but the mid-2000s were a time of unfortunate color choices. Brown was the de facto neutral of the moment. And kitchenware came in a blazing assortment of black, white, silver and… wait for it… bachelor pad brick red. It was exciting times, I tell you. Which is why when Michael and I registered, I gave up on getting any of the things I really wanted and settled for the most interesting option I could get, from a very small assortment of things I didn’t totally love. Brick red stand mixer? Sure, why not? Kelly green comforter? I mean, if it’s the only pattern you’ve got, I’ll take it!

So as someone who only half liked the things she registered for, it is my belief that you should be able to register for things you love. Not things that you’re lukewarm about because they’re the only option available. Which places me firmly in the category of jealous of you right now. Because you do not have to settle for lukewarm. And you definitely don’t have to settle for bachelor pad brick red. Which is why we’ve partnered with Wayfair, the largest online destination for home furnishings and decor, to bring you more than eighty millennial pink items you should add to your registry right now. (Because no. We’re not even remotely tired of this color.)

picture of various kitchen gadgets for a wedding registry

Why a Wayfair Registry?

Wayfair is actually already one of my go-to online shopping destinations, because they have ev-ery-thing. Perhaps you remember way back to last year, when Meg’s gift to the APW staff was to give us $300 and an hour to spend it on things that we found delightful? I’ll give you three guesses which store I went to first. Yup, it was Wayfair. (For a bar cart that is sadly no longer available, but hello, someone please register for this one from the same designer instead?) And when APW decided it needed a pink fridge for the office kitchen plus a hanging chair for the conference area? No surprise, Wayfair had both. So when it comes to creating your wedding registry, Wayfair is the solution to I know what I want, and I don’t want to create a thousand different registries to have it all in one place. Plus, here are a few other perks of your Wayfair registry:

  • Personalize your Wayfair registry by uploading photos or sharing notes with your guests.
  • Control where your gifts ship to, and track who purchased what, so that the thank-you cards basically write themselves.
  • Take advantage of their dedicated registry specialists when you need questions answered. (Gift recommendations? No problem. Delivery questions? They got you covered.)

And if you’re in the I have all the kitchen stuff I need, but we could totally use a new bed frame camp, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of Wayfair’s group gifting option (HOW LONG HAVE WE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS WEDDING INDUSTRY GODS?), which lets your friends and family contribute a dollar amount of their choice toward higher ticket items like furniture and appliances.

kitchen scene with frosted cupcakes, white KitchenAid stand mixer, white Le Creuset utensil crock with silicon spatulas on the counter
Speaking of appliances

Now, I’m not saying you should go all millennial pink everything for your registry. In fact, as much as everyone on this team loves that color… it might be a little much. But the joy of Wayfair is that unlike boring big box stores, you can. You can get everything from pink pillows, to a pink SMEG fridge (hello, we did just that). So in a celebration of the color of the decade, let’s just roll around in really, really pretty pink things.

graphic with words "millennial pink kitchenware" featuring millennial pink kitchen items for wedding registry

millennial pink professional KitchenAid stand mixerProfessional 600 Series 6-Qt. Stand Mixer, KitchenAid

millennial pink round Le Creuset dutch ovenEnameled Cast Iron Round French Oven, Le Creuset

set of three nesting millennial pink glass mixing bowls3 Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set, Mosser Glass

millennial pink Le Creuset round stoneware pie baking dish Heritage Pie Dish, Le Creuset

millennial pink DuaLit 2 slice toaster Two Slice NewGen Toaster, Dualit (Meg’s favorite toaster)

millennial pink moccamaster coffeemaker with attached bean grinderKBG Coffee Brewer, Moccamaster

millennial pink Le Creuset stoneware French press coffee makerStoneware 3.36 Cup French Press, Le Creuset

millennial pink KitchenAid blenderDiamond 5 Speed Blender, KitchenAid

millennial pink tea kettleCalypso Basic 2 Qt. Harvest Tea Kettle, Reston Lloyd

millennial pink SMEG 4 slice toaster

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