If you have a soft spot for vintage films and a semi-gothic style, it’s likely that you are looking for a way to bring your passion into the planning of your big day. Have you considered a black and white themed wedding? If you think a black and white wedding can’t be as festive and glamorous as a white wedding, then it’s time to dive in and discover the fun side of a romantic goth-like theme for your wedding party. Black and white themes can be full of style, romance and fun little touches that can give your wedding all the unforgettable personality it needs. Here’s a little guide to help you to get started and to create a vintage style like nothing before.

Tim Burton inspired party

Why black and white?

Black and white is a style that can seem a little colorless at first, if not a little dull if you’re not used to it. But all you need to do is to remember the art of Tim Burton to change your mind. Tim Burton, the brilliant film director, has always had the talent to transport his audience into a world of dark fantasies that combine sweet intentions and incredibly attractive décors. Black and white might be the main color theme to most of his films, but the emotions in those are far from remaining two-toned. Burton has always been a mixture of a poetic artist and a storyteller. In fact, the director uses drawing as a force to unleash his imagination. So, if you come across some of his previous art works, you’ll be amazed to see that the most famous Burtonesque worlds we all know from Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and many others of his films are already there on paper. The lesson from Burton is a great one to learn as you are planning your wedding: Taking a pen and letting your drawing creates your next step is probably the best way for you to uncover the potential of your wedding ceremony. You don’t need colors to bring magic, poetry, and romance into your big day.

Black and white bride and groom?

It can be a little tricky at first to picture a wedding with the bride not wearing a white only dress. But if you are wondering whether the bride and the groom would work in black and white, it’s time to have a quick look at the wedding fashion that is already available on the market. More and more designers are embracing the soft duality that a black and white scheme can bring to the bridal fashion. You can easily find beautiful white dresses that carry delicate black touches, such as using the embroidery of black flowers, which could bring a funky duality of black and white. Not your thing? Don’t despair right now: You can also find plenty of themes dresses in the right part of the market. Vintage dresses can also make your black and wedding fashion work, especially with the use of black and white satin and laces. But as part of your wedding preps, you can also be looking at black and white wedding rings styles for the groom and the bride. Using a mixture of diamonds and black gems can be the perfect touch to a themed wedding. Not all wedding rings need to be bland and simple. Why not go wild and embrace the black and white theme for your jewelry items too?

Finding the perfect venue

Making a black and white vintage style wedding work demands not only a lot of prep but also the right kind of venue. If you are looking for a venue idea, take a look at this beautiful 1920s style party. This young couple chose a dark color and white theme for their wedding fashion. They perfected the feeling by picking a wonderful vintage venue, aka a breathtaking theatre from the old days. The venue is full of colors, but it gives an old-fashioned sense to the ceremony which matches the theme of the wedding. Another good idea of venue would be to aim for grandiose architecture from the 1920s and 1930s, using black and white marble décor.

Black and white chairs and table décor

The little touches that bring the décor together

You don’t need a black and white venue to make it work. You can choose to add clever little touches to bring the style over. If you pick a backyard or outdoor ceremony, why not use a black and white striped tent as a reminder of the theme. Using the table décor is another nice way of getting things together, by adding the black and white theme throughout. Black and white napkins and chairs also help to carry the atmosphere further. In short, be creative: You don’t need to break the bank on the venue if you’re smart with the décor.

Classic wedding vows and speeches

The black and white wedding theme brings a vintage style to the ceremony. To make it work as best as possible, you’d find that your choice of speeches and vows matter. Relying on romantic vows from classic works can be a great way of maintaining the vintage spirit. Saying the words of Shakespeare in a black and white dress will most certainly impress your groom and your guests.

A black and white party invites your guests will love

Set the mood from the start with elegant black and white invitations that already inform your guests about your theme. A good idea for memorable pictures is to spread the black and white themes throughout the entire party. Black and white themes are thankfully easy to reproduce. This can be trickier if you pick other color schemes! But why not ask your guests to dress to wear a black and white accessory instead, if you want to keep things simple for them?

A black and white wedding can be incredibly romantic if you prepare your theme in advance and roll it carefully through the entire planning. From fashion to invitations, you can create the sense of a vintage romance using colors, words, and feelings.

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