From layers and layers of tulle to dazzling, embroidered lace, and even labyrinthine beadwork (or sequins, if you’re partial to those little bits of sparkle, like me), you can find any number of wedding dresses that are extra. The “Go Big or Go Home” mantra has certainly had its way as far as dress design is concerned. While that’s all well and good, perhaps you find yourself desiring a more no-frills sort of approach to your dream dress: understated but show-stopping nonetheless.

If this sounds truer to form for you, we have good news! If you’re looking for a ballgown or a slip dress, a minimalist, elegant aesthetic can be easily showcased, whether you’re sending out boho vibes or are more of a traditional sort of bride-to-be. Driven by clean lines, a simple aesthetic, and, of course, the highest quality craftsmanship, these wedding dresses prove you can go minimalist, no matter your style.

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