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Guys, I survived my crazy wedding weekend. That image above is from my BFF Kristina’s wedding shot by her amazing photographer. (Are you dying? I’m dying.) In the span of four days, Michael and I dragged ourselves and our poor five-month-old baby from San Francisco to New York, and then from New York to Maine, and then back to San Francisco, during which time we attended a brunch, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, another wedding, another brunch, and my grandmother’s birthday. The baby even got to go on his first boat ride and his first subway ride (he wasn’t particularly impressed with either). Lest I make it sound like we had our shit together, though, please note that this is what my family looked like on Thursday night as we made our way to the rehearsal dinner for wedding number one:

And this is what we looked like riding the ferry back from the post-wedding brunch of wedding number two:

I mean, at least the baby is still cute?

But it was totally worth the whirlwind. I cried like a baby at both weddings, got a little too drunk, and nearly broke myself dancing to “Pon de Replay.” I have no regrets.



P.S. Thanks for the outfit opinions! I ended up wearing this bad boy to the second wedding (with the giant bird earrings, obvs.) I was not wrong to be worried about what to wear though. Apparently the theme of the wedding was “dress like it’s RuPaul’s drag race and you have to lip sync for your life.” People turned out.

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