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So I really was hoping that I’d get to talk about the super lovely trip that I took (with my husband! and no kids!) to New York City last weekend. Because man, was it a great trip. And man, are the pictures really cute.

But instead, as a Jewish mom with two Jewish kids, I dealt with the most emotionally devastating week I’ve faced during the Trump presidency. And I was far from alone in how gutted I was this week, and how betrayed by my own country I felt. This weekend we had violent white nationalists in the street. (If you haven’t watched the Vice/HBO documentary, I’d argue that you have a moral obligation to do so.) Heather Heyer was run down and killed in the street by a neo-Nazi terrorist. And then our president went on record defending Nazi’s and the KKK in such strong terms that David Duke thanked him, repeatedly. And all the while our government sat by and did nothing.

I hit rock bottom. I went home from work early. I hit rock bottom again. I couldn’t stop crying. I started to worry that there actually is no bottom to this hellscape that our country is living through.

So I did the only thing I could, which was to reach out to other friends in impacted communities: black Americans, POC, Muslims, and queer folks. And mostly just held some space for each other. We shared articles. We laughed when we could. And then we just got on with it.

So for those of you impacted by this week’s events, I want you to know that I, and the rest of the APW team, stand shoulder to shoulder with you in solidarity, and in pain. And for those of you not impacted as directly by what happened in Charlottesville and the aftermath—while I do think you should consider donating and taking action—I’d also just encourage you to reach out to a friend who might be in need. Ask them how they’re doing. Tell your black, POC, Jewish, Muslim, immigrant, and other impacted friends that you see them. And listen if you can. Because if love is indeed going to trump hate, it starts one phone call, and text, and hug at a time.

And after that, get onto the goddamn streets. Because this will not stand. This cannot stand.

Yours in solidarity,


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