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If you’ve been following along with APW’s Instagram Stories this week, then you know Meg and I have been in Palm Springs for Alt Summit for the last five days, rubbing elbows with other creative entrepreneurs, and listening to some of the smartest women we know share their hard-earned wisdom and information. (Highlights included STACY LONDON YOU GUYS. Teenage Maddie geeked out so hard, and then Meg and I both cried at her surprisingly moving speech.) This year, the founders of Alt decided to throw their full weight behind making this a super women-focused conference (it’s always been 90 percent women, with a few guys peppered in here and there), with a fully female-led speaker lineup, a female DJ, female photographers, the works. And it’s been amazing seeing how that level of intentionality has shifted the energy of our experience. (TL;DR it’s been awesome.)

I feel so lucky that I get to work and spend my days in this distinctly woman-owned space, and I want to figure out how to bring even more of the vibes we get here every year to the pages of APW. But right now it’s midnight and this happy hour is being brought to you by the smooth jams of the hotel lobby. So why don’t I let you take it from here? I’ve got one more night of uninterrupted sleep before I get back to that little nugget of mine back home, and one should never look a gift horse in the mouth.



P.S. Lest I make Alt sound like one big slumber party, this photo is an adequate representation of what happens when you’ve been extroverting for five days straight. It ain’t pretty.

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