Hey APW,

The last month has been a ride. I spent a week in the ICU and hospital helping out my dad after a terrifying near-death experience. (He’s made a miraculous recovery, and is currently reading spy novels and chatting about the news.) Then I packed everything up and headed to Palm Springs for a busy and amazing week at Alt Summit, where I did everything from keynoting, to taking a 7 a.m. meeting, to ripping my dress dancing to Cardi B. In the middle of all this, my daughter changed preschools rapidly following an unfortunate series of events at the school my kids had been at since birth.

As a result, this week has been a lot of me doing my best to just… try to get things done without staring into space too much. We have a mini-shoot in our studio today (check it out on our IG stories), and then it’s a weekend.

Wishing all of you something as lovely as toddler ballet and a date night this weekend. Because those are our plans.



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