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Even though it doesn’t feel like it in a large part of the country (even in California—it’s been pouring buckets of rain) Spring has sprung.  At least in our studio, where we are finally working on new projects after a long year of slogging through. I can’t talk about the new plans just yet (though stay tuned), but if you want hints, you can follow along on Instagram stories.

Meanwhile, I’ve been meaning to mention that about two months ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. I assumed I’d be back after a week or so, but the longer I was gone, the less I wanted to go back. While there are some forms of social media that I generally enjoy, it turns out that what Facebook has turned into—an endless scroll of baby pictures, random thoughts in colored boxes, arguing with friends of friends about politics, and fake (or just badly reported) news, is something I didn’t miss. And then this week’s story about Cambridge Analytica hit, and the deeper I got into it, the grosser I felt about a company whose business practices I’ve never really liked. So for those of you thinking that you might want to join the #DeleteFacebook movement, but feel like maybe you’ll miss too much good stuff, I can tell you that after two months of being gone, I realized all Facebook was feeding me was a steady pile of shit, with occasional gems I had to dig out. And given that it’s highly unlikely that everyone in my inner circle will quit Facebook anytime soon, the gems still get passed along to me… and I have a lot more time to do… literally anything else.

And with that, I’m off for a staycation weekend for my husband’s birthday. We have a fancy hotel in the city, and the kids are going to have a movie marathon with their godmother. Now I’m just debating if I should book a couples massage to go with the whiskey tasting. But the obvious answer is yes, right?

Here is your open thread, have at it. (Trust me, it’s way better than Facebook.)



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