It’s been a pretty enormous week over here. First up, we SOLD OUT THE COMPACT SUMMER CAMP in just over an hour. (Half of the tickets sold in under five minutes, and in short, we love you all)! But! If you still want to go, please put yourself on a waitlist. Pending demand, we may be able to open up another block of tickets, and those will be offered first come first serve to the waitlist.

Second, on Wednesday I turned thirty-eight, and the team also threw me a surprise party to celebrate APW’s tenth anniversary. We’ll have more pictures to share next week, but they rented out Church of 8 Wheels in San Francisco—a de-consecrated Catholic church turned into a roller skating rink. It was magical. Plus in an extra surprising surprise, I got to watch my kids learn to roller skate for the first time, and they took to it like fish to water (#proud). I’m also very sore, because when presented with a pair of roller skates, I will skate until I’m forcibly ejected from the building, and I was not forcibly ejected for, you know… hours. (And while the team at Church of 8 Wheels is a little… disorganized… someone should FOR SURE have a wedding there, and invite us.)

In short, this week has been a roller(skating)coaster. It’s been wonderful and amazing, and we all very much need a nap. (Too bad my kids asked if we could go to the roller rink again on Saturday. 😂)

Wishing you the very best this weekend. And with that, here is your open thread.



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