Hey APW,

This week Meg and Keriann were both traveling to Jamaica on unrelated trips while Najva hangs out at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. (Am I jealous? NEVER.) So I’ve been holding down the fort in Oakland, and it finally seems like the Bay Area has gotten the memo about it being summertime. Who else is on board with me fixing up APW’s backyard with some pool chairs and a laptop so I can make this my summer work vibe?

And since it’s summertime, that means I finally get to announce a project I’ve been sitting on for months! If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you know that for the last few years, we’ve been partnering with Crate and Barrel to celebrate Pride in June, and then we usually get to do a fun giveaway with them in the summer. And since y’all are awesome, this year they asked us if we wanted to double down and go all out on a fun campaign wherein we get to party with you and give you free stuff. (Which, duh, yes.)

Next week we’ll get a follow-up report from my BFF about what it was really like getting married as a radical queer femme, two years after writing this piece. And in July, we’ll be hosting a huge event at Crate and Barrel‘s flagship store in San Francisco. We’re putting the final touches on it in the next few weeks, but it’s basically the event we would throw if you said to us, “Do whatever you want.” (Because that’s basically what Crate and Barrel said.) And then we’ll be doing a big-ass giveaway that same month, which may or may not be the sexiest giveaway we have ever done. Meg and I were scheming ways to secure a win for ourselves, but sadly our terms and conditions prevent us from… um… cheating the system. Blah blah blah, integrity, whatever. So stay tuned to happy hour this month and next month for more details on that, because you seriously do not want to miss it.

In the meantime, I might not be in Jamaica this week, but there is champagne in the fridge, and I just found these new moody recycled highball glasses, so that’s basically the next best thing, right? BRB gotta go find my lounge chairs.

And with that, it’s your happy hour, so get to it!



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This Happy Hour was sponsored by Crate and Barrel Wedding Registry. We’re super excited to be partnering with them this summer, and hope we get to see you all in July!

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