Hey APW,

It’s been a really fun (and really intense) week over here. We did a huge summer fun themed shoot for Crate & Barrel, which basically entailed me working twelve days in a row. They were days I was happy to work, towing my four-year-old behind me to the party shop to source materials. But still, it was work, and I’m tired.

But that is JUST FINE, because as you read this, David and I are boarding a flight to New York, for our first three nights away from the kids since they were born. (We’ve done two nights, but three nights seems crazy, and wonderful, and… a little sad. Thus is life as parents.) We celebrated our eighth anniversary on Wednesday, so this is an anniversary trip back to where we started this whole thing in the first place. I’m sure I’ll post a few snaps on Instagram, if following along on other people’s vacations is your thing. (Because it’s totally mine.)

And with that, it’s your midsummer happy hour. Three cheers to summer!



Image CreditMaddie Eisenhart for APW

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