Two brides, one with tattoos on her arm, holding handsDid you know that 45 percent of millennials are nonwhite and 67 percent of American women are plus sized? The word diversity gets thrown around a lot these days, but maybe the word we should be using instead is… reality. And if diversity = reality, then why are there still so many wedding photographers who, at least by the looks of their portfolios, appear to not be working with people of color or with different body types, gender identities, or sexual orientations?

Photographer Nadiya Nacorda of Imani Fine Art Photography has been wondering the same thing since, well, forever. Growing up as a mixed African and Asian girl in Michigan, and later when planning her own multi-cultural wedding, she rarely, if ever, saw herself represented in any form of media, wedding or otherwise. So when she founded Imani Photo, she decided:

I want my business to be about more than dope photos and well-considered service. Although those things are vital and close to my heart of hearts, I want Imani Photo to be a voice. A voice for all people to be represented, welcome, and celebrated exactly as they are and choose to be.

I don’t only talk about representation in our industry, I live it as a Black and Asian woman in the U.S., and I also show it through the faces of joy and love that I choose to highlight and emphasize. I believe that by changing the imagery and our focus we can change the narrative, and we need that in this world and this country now more than ever.

Portrait of a mixed-race couple, man kissing woman on the nose

You should probably just go read Nadiya’s story and philosophy in her own words, because in addition to being an incredible photographer (how good you ask? So good, that APW published her first-ever wedding), she is far more eloquent than I am.

Two brides in a field wearing sneakers, holding hands and bouquetsCouple wearing brightly colored clothes embracing in field

In addition to showing all types of people in her portfolio always, Nadiya is also committed to making working with Imani Photo the most stress-free part of your wedding.

That includes knowing she’ll come photograph your wedding or elopement wherever in the world you are, with no travel fees ever ever ever. As Nadiya told us:

I really want to be able to be there for couples that want to work with me, and I think having free travel is the best way to do that. I got you baby! From small backyard weddings to elopements on boats in the middle of the water in Key West (YES, THIS HAPPENED. IT WAS AMAZING), I am always so humbled that such dope couples choose me to tell the story of their love in such awesome places, and on top of it we have so much fun! This is bliss of APW couples.

Another thing you don’t need to stress about? The photos—or how damn good you and your favorite people going to look in them:

Group of people jumping for a thrown bouquetTwo young boys in boy ties and glasses playing around in front of warehouse style windowBride and groom smiling, leaning into each other, as they hold sweet treats

Afraid that a photographer and photos this amazing comes with an impossibly steep price tag? Fear not.

Weekend wedding coverage from Imani Photo starts at $3,000, and elopements start at $1,500, with specially discounted rates for weekday coverage, last-minute bookings, and off-season weddings in December, January, and March. Plus! Nadiya is offering APW readers 10% off any and all wedding or elopement packages booked before January 1, 2018. Contact Nadiya for all the deets.

Bride and groom kissing on boat in the waterBride and groom tearing it up on the dance floorGroom kissing the cheek of smiling bride with colorful tattoo underneath clear umbrella near a tree

So if you’re looking for a photographer who takes unbelievably good photos, truly cares for her clients, and is an advocate for changing the current (coughbullshitcough) narrative of the wedding industry—because of course you are—Nadiya Nacorda of Imani Fine Art Photography has got you in all the ways.

I’ll leave you with this message from Nadiya:

I’d like to say that if anything in the post resonates with you or speaks to you, then please get in touch. I’d love to hear your story. At the end of the day, I’m interested in telling authentic human stories and connecting with those clients that know in their gut we’re meant to work together, to create with and lift up their voice of love to the world.

all wedding or elopement packages BOOKED before January 1, 2018 GET 10% off!

Image CreditImani Fine Art Photography

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