It’s only January, so you might not quite be there yet, but I think at a certain point almost every couple planning a wedding wants to throw in the towel and say, “F*ck it, let’s elope.” For me that moment came when I saw photos of a wedding that looked a lot like this one, and the idea of running off somewhere adventurous with a few friends just seemed more us than a big party.

bride and groom holding hands in front of o'connor's pub

The problem, though? That kind of adventure destination elopement sounded like even more work. Planning a wedding in a foreign country? With language barriers, and time differences, and exchange rates? I had literally had no clue where to even begin. Plus I assumed a European elopement would cost even more money than a traditional wedding in New York. So as much as a castle on a windswept hilltop sounded like the wedding of my dreams, I never even researched if it was possible.

But now? You all can actually do it. Because Peach Perfect Weddings is a planning team that offers full-service elopements and small weddings in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, and Thailand. For between $3,740 and $6,740, Peach Perfect will provide everything you need for an incredible wedding day, from procuring you a gorgeous location to arranging the paperwork, officiant, photographer, and way more.

processional of bridesmaids in pink dresses and groomsmen in blue suits through gravel yardbride and groom holding hands on a bridge in front of castle

Peach Perfect Weddings is the brainchild of real-life couple Yana and Waldemar, who speak five languages (English, German, Russian, Italian, and French) and have lived in six countries between them (Yana was born in Estonia to Russian parents, grew up in Ireland, and lived in London for five years, whereas Waldemar was born in Moldova, grew up in Germany, and also lived in London for five years). This means that 1) nothing will be lost in translation when communicating with your local vendors, and 2) they personally understand what it’s like to come together as a couple from different backgrounds and cultures. They are also frequent travelers themselves, so they know all the tips and tricks on getting cheap flights, where to stay, and how to navigate the local culture—and they are happy to share those tips with you.

bride and groom with white umbrellas in front of castle ruins

Yana has years of experience planning traditional large weddings, and Waldemar is a lover of minimalism and good design. Here’s what they told us about why they created Peach Perfect:

We are here to help couples have a stress-free wedding or elopement without taking on the super complex planning project of researching vendors, comparing a bunch of quotes, and setting everything up from halfway across the world. We offer customizable packages for intimate and small destination weddings, elopements, and vow renewals for pragmatic couples who want to get married in Europe or Asia without breaking the bank. Although we have “perfect” in our name, our customizable packages are a great way to have a practical wedding: you’re not locked into a “one size fits all” package that’s set in stone, but at the same time our packages provide all of the things most couples choose to have at their wedding. And from that jumping off point, you can adjust or add on to make your package the perfect fit for you.

But my personal favorite thing about the Peach Perfect Weddings’ team is that, in their words, they’re modern. I love Europe, and its breathtaking places and incredible history, but sometimes that historical charm can be tied up in outdated red tape. (I’m looking at you, Italy, and all that faxing I had to do to reserve an apartment for my honeymoon.) But when you work with Peach Perfect, you don’t have to deal with any of that, as they are all about making the process totally streamlined and focused on your needs and preferences. (Even if that’s planning the entire wedding via WhatsApp—and yes, that’s a true story.)

bride and groom embracing under a tall castle archway

Peach Perfect Weddings’ standard package includes the following for you and up to 20 of your nearest and dearest:

  • Ceremony location (The options include, “castles and abbeys,” “rustic cottages and lodges,” “forests and beaches,” “cliffs,” and “ancient ruins.” You know, NBD.)
  • Hair and makeup*
  • Bouquet and boutonnière*
  • Photographer for half a day
  • Live music for your ceremony (either local traditional music or possibly your choice of music)
  • Officiant /celebrant
  • Help with legal paperwork if you choose to have a legally binding rather than a symbolic ceremony. (This is specific to your chosen destination.)
  • All wedding planning, as well as Peach Perfect’s advice for all things related to your wedding and trip to the destination: best places to eat, how to get around, tips for honeymoon, traveling in Europe in general, etc.

One time, the Peach Perfect team even spotted a pair of videographers shooting a video near one of their elopements, then persuaded them to spontaneously capture drone footage of the couple for their wedding highlight. I mean, if that’s not going above and beyond for their couples, I don’t know what is.

bride with black fedora and groom in jeans sitting on a picnic blanket in a fieldbride in a blue dress and groom kissing on a beach with red and pink flower confetti

So if you’re thinking about making your wedding an international adventure (or if you’re one of our international readers who’s thrilled to hear about a local vendor), but want to leave the logistics of a wedding, say in the South of France or the beaches of Thailand, to someone else, then Peach Perfect Weddings is here for you. (And I am officially so, so jealous.)

bride and groom holding hands in front of officiant in a chamber of castle ruins

Go browse their options, decide which magical location (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, or Thailand) will be the one you get married in, and shoot them a message. And then sit back and… relax while you wait for your super awesome wedding. Because that’s the joy of letting someone else do all the heavy lifting for you.

mention that you found Peach Perfect Weddings on APW and they will deliver a bottle of real, good champagne to your hotel room before or after your ceremony.
(Offer valid until Feb 15, 2018.)

*Packages are easily adjusted for same-sex couples: e.g. hair and makeup for both brides, or two boutonnières for two grooms. The same goes for help with legal paperwork: Peach Perfect can advise both what the legal situation is with same-sex marriage in the destination of your choice, as well as what the cultural attitudes are, so you can determine if that destination is right for you.


Photography by Peach Perfect Weddings

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