hardcover wedding album with solid black spine and photo cover next to a vase of flowers that reads enjoy the little things

When I was getting married, one of the things that baffled me the most was the wedding album. As someone getting married on a relatively tight budget, the thought of dropping a few grand on an album of our photos was kind of… hilarious? I mean, several thousand dollars was what we had to pay our photographer for the photos themselves, thank you very much. In the year after our wedding, I started trying to figure out the album situation. In short, albums were expensive because there were a limited number of companies making them, and those companies’ prices directly to photographers were expensive. Then, add on the tremendous amount of time it takes a photographer to design an album, time that they had to charge the clients for on top of the base album price. The result? Hella pricey albums.

triptych of album photos: first of the cover of a navy album with photo inlay, debossed with gold lettering that reads McKenzie and Russell September 26, 2015; the second is an album open to a center spread with a photo of the bride holding a bouquet; the third is of an album standing on its end with a photo-wrap hard cover that reads Alex & Jessica on the spine

But that was then. Nowadays it seems like there’s a new photo book company popping up every week, if you want to design one yourself. The reason we ultimately could afford a wedding album is that I talked my lovely photographers into letting me design it so they could give it to me at cost. This took months. Something like six months, to be exact. First I had to narrow down 1,000 pictures to 150. Then, I had to put them in order: Which photo should go on the facing page with each other photo? What was the exact order of the ceremony again? After a zillion emails, my photographers finally just let me log into the album design software, and do the final arranging. It was… not the most fun I’ve ever had. And I was just doing one photo a page, mostly because I’d totally given up on more complicated photo layouts, because I had a job. (Did I mention I was doing most of this AT my job?) ANYWAY! All of this is to say, of course you can design your own wedding album. But you might not really want to.

Enter Albums Remembered, the answers to a #lazygirl’s prayers. They are changing the game on albums by providing professional quality flush-mount wedding photo albums with free one-on-one custom design services and unlimited revisions at a price that won’t make you cry. Bam. Here are three reasons why you should finally get “album” checked off that to do list thanks to the lovely folks of Albums Remembered:

Interior 3-image spread of wedding album next to vase of flowers

1. one-on-one custom design services and unlimited REVISIONS

You know how I said designing an album was, um, miserable? Well lucky for you, Albums Remembered takes that right off your plate, while still giving you super affordable prices. (Seriously, their prices are what I paid going through my photographer at cost, doing my OWN design.) And they don’t just take your photos, throw them into some design template, and tell you your album is done. Instead, they describe their design process this way: “As designers we immerse ourselves in all of the photos and try to design the most perfect layout for each client, so no two albums are ever the same. We also offer unlimited revisions because we believe in a hundred percent client satisfaction. Just because we’ve spent hours on a design and love it, doesn’t mean you’re going to love it. We alter designs until you are completely in love with it, so that you can have the design be done professionally while still having control over your finished album.”

Photo collage of album with photo wrap hardcover of Chicago wedding, with interior spread of detail shots


The number one difference between a professional wedding album and the kind you can make yourself on the Internet is archival quality. I am a huge fan of photo books—we even made our parents’ albums that way (not to mention countless family photo books). But they’re a different product than an archival print or an archival album. Think of them as a nice-for-now product, rather than a something-to-pass-down-to-future-generations product. Your average online album company produces their product totally differently: they’re printed on pre-made books, non-archival paper, with lower-quality inks. Archival wedding albums, like the ones that Albums Remembered creates, all have high-quality photographic prints on archival board and are hand-bound into a book after the printing process is complete. (Extreme close-ups of those high quality details are all right here).

Plus Albums Remembered offers one of the largest varieties of cover styles under the sun, from acrylic covers to photo wrap covers to fabric covers to leather covers, along with eight different sizes and over twenty cover materials. Basically, if you can dream it, you can have it.

Dark blue square hardcover album with photo inlay and debossed gold type reading Sloane and Robert April 8, 2017

3. Affordable Prices

Albums Remembered’s books cost $350 to $1150, and all of their prices are disclosed right on the website, so you can figure out what you might want, and what trade-offs you might want to make, without having to make all of those decisions in the middle of some uncomfortable up-selling conversation. Instead the process is more like what this customer wrote:

I really wanted an album for my wedding, and the price my photographer quoted me was so high I had to sit down. I heard about Albums Remembered on A Practical Wedding, and for the price my photographer quoted me for one 8×8 10-spread album, I got a 30-spread, 10×10 album, plus two parent albums. I can’t speak enough about how high quality these albums are. I went with leather covers, and it really feels thick and each of the pages is simply stunning—really crisp, clear, and the colors are stunning. I love all the layouts; they make the whole album feel like a story.

BONUS: Albums Remembered is having their biggest sale of the year from October 15th to October 30th with discounts up to 25%, so you can get your album in time for the holidays for even less. You’re welcome.

interior album spread with three images on left and photo that spans the gutter next to a collection of cover swatch options

So whether you’ve been sitting on your wedding photos for three months or three years, it’s time to let Albums Remembered take designing an album off your plate and finally get those photos off your hard drive. Go get started right here.

Plus? Your mama really wants a parent album for the holidays. And luckily for you—and your mom—you can enter to win one right here. Go do it now, and it might be just be you who gets to make your mom cry happy tears on Christmas for zero dollars.


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