Bride and groom happily gazing at each other in a parkThere’s something about planning a wedding that’s totally universal and yet deeply personal: every wedding planning journey is like its own special snowflake of… compromises. You know, the stuff like balancing being yourselves with honoring traditions, getting everything you want and need without destroying your budget, pairing your love of all things vintage with your fiancé’s dream of minimalism, and family… opinions. And, if your wedding is bringing together not only different families and friend groups, but different cultures and languages, you’ll want to find vendors who can actually navigate that terrain, no translator needed.

Well, if the language gap you’re managing is Spanish to English, one such photographer is the Austin, Texas–based, super-talented Diana Ascarrunz. (Not a Texan? No worries, Diana will come to you for just $300.)

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Diana Ascarrunz, who is first-generation Bolivian-American (and native Spanish speaker), gets it because she was there while planning her own Halloween wedding in Atlanta:

When I was engaged, one thing that was important to me was finding a photographer that had people of color in their portfolio. I know firsthand what it’s like to look at A LOT of photographer’s websites and be disappointed that it’s not representative of the world around us.

My wedding was going to be full of my Spanish speaking family, my husband’s English speaking family, and my wonderful weirdo friends. I needed someone who could move comfortably through it all. As a photographer my goal is to be that person, someone who can make everyone from your tiny grandma to your art school friends feel comfortable in front of my camera.

Check out Diana’s super actionable tips to find such a person right here (number three is worth its weight in gold) as she told us, “I want every couple to find the right photographer for them, even when that’s not me. I’m here to help.”

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In addition to her commitment to diversity (check out her series of photo interviews called LatinxVoices) and feminism (she first connected with APW at a feminist retreat last year, bless), Diana Ascarrunz is also a highly trained photographer with a BFA in photography and years of experience in commercial photography in her hometown of Atlanta. Most couples spend $2,900 for up to 8 hours of coverage, which includes two photographers, a free engagement session in Austin, high-resolution digital images, and a print release.

Diana is also starting to introduce film options—for some dreamy examples (and all the tips on planning a trip to Palm Springs), head right here.

And because APW readers are her favorite, travel fees are just $300, no matter where your wedding is. (Just book by December 31, 2017, and mention this post!)

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If you’re looking a wedding photographer who clients rave is a great communicator, will make you feel totally comfortable in front of the camera, and deliver photos that look like “scenes from a Nicolas Sparks book,” then you’ve got to get to know Diana Ascarrunz. Go check out her portfolio, where you will find a tips on having a not-awkward engagement session (including a super helpful Pinterest board of outfits), the real weddings of power YouTuber TheeKatsMeoww and Stuff Mom Never Told You podcast co-host Cristen, and oh yeah, that straight-from-a-Nicolas-Sparks-novel wedding right here.


Image CreditDiana Ascarrunz Photography

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