The other night I was doing the thing I do every night: watching HGTV with my husband and debating going to bed, when an episode of House Hunters based in Montclair, New Jersey came on. I decided I needed to see what all the fuss I keep hearing is about, because people on my side of the East River don’t usually cross the Hudson without a good reason. But you guys, I get it now. Montclair is adorably trendy-but-classic, cool-but-friendly and approachable, and basically everything that APW’s newest sponsor—you guessed it—Montclair, NJ-based Grace Brown Photography is.
bride in lace gown and bride in blue suit standing in front of trees
two grooms in white suits embracing in front of blue oceanbride and groom kissing on purple lit dance floor under chandeliers
In addition to being the kind of wedding photographer that makes real people look like models (and purple uplighting look 🔥🔥🔥), Grace Brown is the kind of person who feels like an instant BFF, which, take it from this Grade A introvert, is key at your wedding. (When it’s hard enough to be “on” for your guests, the last thing you want to do is struggle when interacting with your photographer.)
And when I say Grace gets it, you better believe she gets it. Before she used her photography skills to document weddings—and well before the days of #metoo—they led her to work on an incredibly powerful and moving project focused on sexual assault. Grace is as caring as they come. (And fun, too.)
As Grace told me:
I really, really love people – my friends always joke that I can’t go anywhere without becoming best friends with a stranger, and I think the fact that I clearly love working with people makes couples feel at ease with having me there on one of their most important days. I’m also a bit of a compulsive truth teller – so that actually really helps me to connect with my clients! I think they appreciate my honesty – I’m never going to sell you something I don’t believe in.
In terms of my work, I keep my style classic and timeless – I try not to follow any fads because I want you to love your photos in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and on. Instead I try to finesse my work to be perfect for each individual client – no two couples are the same, so wedding photography shouldn’t be either.
black and white photo of black bride adjusting her earringIndian groom and bride with mehndi tossing rice on each others heads
 For photos that you will still love 20 years down the line—by a photographer whose work has appeared in TIME, Glamour, CNN, and The Guardian (and was modest enough to bury that in a tiny corner of her website)—Grace Brown Photography‘s rates are an absolute steal. They start at $3,500 for 7 hours and one photographer, and she’s flexible about customizing to your specific needs, but her most popular package is $4,850 for 8 hours, an engagement session, 2 photographers, all digital images, and a 10×10 album. Boom. In New York/New Jersey no less, where that kind of All The Things package is usually what, $10K? Your first born child?
PLUS: Because Grace is so excited to be working with you guys, she is offering 10% off all packages—just mention you found her through APW!
bride in white room with green carpet adjusting train
bride walking down church aisle with father
And, like client Heather, you will have the best time and end up with the best photos:
Grace is the most professional, friendly and talented photographer I have ever met! My wedding photos are absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for better. She was extremely helpful the day of the wedding to make sure everyone was organized and on time which was so helpful I can’t even describe. She really helped me relax and enjoy the moment even with all of the stress of the wedding day going on. She is super funny and it was great spending the day with her and her assistant. And did I mention the photos are so perfect?!! 🙂 Highly recommend.
bride in tulle gown and bride in blue suit standing in NYC streetbride and groom with backs to camera looking at greenhouse venue
You know what to do, go check out more gorgeous photos, follow her on Instagram (don’t worry guys, I’m finding out what’s up with Grace’s blog because I for one need to see the rest of these babes‘ wedding) and) send Grace an email.

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