Kitchenaid mixer, gold accented old fashioned glasses, white mixing bowls, cheese knives, and bar tools, pink flowers beneath pink text reading "Using Your Wedding as a Guide for Your Registry"Photo by Maddie Eisenhart, Styling by Kate Levy for A Practical Wedding

You know why I think so many people end up frustrated with registering for their wedding? It’s because the wedding industry has taken all the fun out of it. (What? That never happens!) The “must-have” lists almost exclusively focus on practical essentials, cookware, and trying to guess at what will you still like in thirty years. Which is great if you are A) a passionate cook, or B) a psychic. But as we’ve learned with weddings (hint: they are not timeless), it’s basically never a good idea to opt for something you feel lukewarm about, with the hopes that you’ll still feel lukewarm about it in thirty years. Rather, focus on what you love now, and lean hard into that. I guarantee you’ll get much more appreciation out of your stuff that way.

And spoiler alert: Your registry does not have to be all practical essentials and cookware. Somewhere in your guest list lives in a hip friend who wants nothing more than to buy you a pineapple-shaped cutting board. So you should let them do just that.

Which is why today, we’re taking a break from practical registry recommendations and leaning hard into practical-ish registry items that we hope will inspire you to find things you feel passionate about. And since you’re already probably knee-deep in finding non-timeless things you love for your wedding, we’ve used your wedding style as a jumping off point for doing it. So go, register for that totally of-the-moment glassware set you just love. And maybe even throw in some totally frivolous things like a neon heart or a beautiful petrified wood tray. Because what’s the point of building a home together if you can’t have a little fun with it?

What’s your favorite thing you’ve registered for? Bonus points will administered for the unique and delightful.

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if your style is Romantic

romantic tablescape with gold taper candles, blackberries, dark flowers, gold rimmed plates, on rustic wood tableEvent Design by Gather Events; Photography by Brian Tropiano

Romantic decor doesn’t have to mean all pink everything. Instead, you can create a moody kind of romance with dark, rich colors accented in metallic. Hot tip: gold is basically a neutral here. And you can keep your decor from becoming too sweet by opting for jewel tones. And when you really want to heighten the romance? Turn off the lights and let candles set the mood. Boom, your house is basically a Dutch painting, just waiting for date night in with your boo or an intimate feast for your closest guests.

Geo Pillar Candle HolderGeo Pillar Candle Holder via Anthropologie ($36.00–$40.00)

Blue Xylo VaseXylo Vase via CB2 ($16.95)

Ore-Edged ChargerOre-Edged Charger via Anthropologie ($24.00)

Glass Stemware Amethyst Red Wine GlassesGlass Stemware Amethyst Red Wine Glasses via Wayfair ($32.99)

Metallic Gold Taper CandleMetallic Gold Taper Candles, Set of Four via World Market ($7.96)

Set of Four Indigo Striped NapkinsSet of Four Indigo Stripe Napkins via CB2 ($19.95)

If your Style is Modern Eclectic

tablescape with tropical-looking plants and flowers in various metallic containers, with small zebraEvent Design by Gather Events; Photography by Max and Friends

If so fresh and so clean, clean (with a pop of color) is more your style, opt for a color palette that keeps things crisp and modern. Greens bring the outside in, and pink makes the table pop. (Pro-tip: Colors that sit across the color wheel from each other, like pink and green, will stand out better against each other.) To keep things from looking too clean, though, opt for a mixture of brass and textured materials for a vibe that’s both modern and eclectic. The name of the game here is opposition—smooth with texture, new with old, you get the idea.

Blush Element Dinner PlatesBlush Element Dinner Plates, Set of Four via World Market ($22.36)

Marble & Acacia Cheese BoardMarble & Acacia Cheese Board via Anthropologie ($68.00)

Gabriel Brass Taper Candle HolderGabriel Brass Taper Candle Holder via Crate and Barrel ($59.95)

Quilted Acrylic GlasswareQuilted Acrylic Glassware (Set of 4) via West Elm ($20.00)

4-Piece Intermix White Serving Set

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