We often think of planning the wedding as stressful, annoying and time-consuming. After all, it can take, over a year to plan a wedding and get everything ready. However, if you only think about this in a negative light, you’re going to miss out on some of the fun that comes with the build up to a wedding ceremony. There are actually lots of parts of wedding planning that can be enjoyable if you let them. You just have to stay calm, focus on the positive and try to get through the difficult situations by appreciating the parts that you enjoy.

Remember, your wedding is a turning point in your life, a brand new chapter that you shouldn’t be dreading. Look forward to the future, but try to enjoy the journey that will get you there. Here are some of the best parts of planning a wedding and advice on making sure that it is enjoyable.

Fashion For Days

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One of the best parts of planning a wedding is choosing the perfect clothes and of course the wedding dress. The groom has to find the right tux, the bridesmaids need beautiful dresses too, but the piece de resistance is always going to be the wedding dress. This is perhaps the only time in your life when you will be able to try on a multitude of different gorgeous dresses and perhaps even a few that you can’t actually afford. Bridal shops often set out to make things fun and entertaining for new brides. You might be lucky enough to be offered champagne as you walk into the shop and start trying on the dresses. After all, it is part of a larger celebration. As such, shopping for the outfits for your wedding can be almost like a pre party for the big day. You can take the full wedding party, get their opinions on the dress that you choose and make sure that you make the right decision.

Of course, the dress is only part of your wedding outfit. You also need to think about accessories. If you head to a wedding jewelers, you’ll find that they will let you try on everything from necklaces to tiaras and bracelets. They’re hoping that you’re going to buy a few to wear on your big day. But even if you don’t buy all the jewelry on offer here, you can still try a few on and have a dress up day, trying different items with your dress. Don’t forget, that you don’t have to buy all the jewelry you want to wear on your big day. You can rent it instead and look absolutely stunning.

Tasty Treats

Another important part of your wedding is choosing the right food. Let’s start with the cake because everyone loves wedding cake and don’t forget, yours can be completely unique. It can taste however you want and match your preferences completely. So, you might love chocolate, and your partner might adore vanilla. If that’s the case, you can have half and half, but that’s not the best part. The best part is that you’ll be able to taste the different types of cake and choose the one that you want at your wedding. Arguably, this is one of the best parts of planning a wedding although it certainly won’t do any wonders for your diet. It’s not just the cake you can taste to make sure you want it at your wedding either. You can pick the champagne, the food, the dishes and make sure that everything tastes wonderful at your wedding.

Writing The Invites
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A lot of people think writing invites for their wedding is going to be a dull, monotonous task. It can be like this, but it can also be a lot of fun and a great chance to let your creative side loose. Rather than hiring a designer to create your wedding invitations, you can create them yourself. As well as saving money, this can be a great DIY crafts activity that you can enjoy together as a couple. It’s also the chance to put a unique look on your wedding invites. You can even hand deliver them yourself, giving you a chance to perhaps meet and greet all the people who will be attending your wedding. While this might grow tiresome towards the end, at the beginning we think you’ll find it a lot of fun.

Choosing The Playlist

There’s a lot to plan for your ceremony, but there’s also a lot of thought that needs to go into the wedding reception. You need to make sure that your guests are going to have a great time and that means choosing a fantastic playlist. Again, this is another chance that you have to put a unique spin on your wedding and show guests the music you love. You can hire a DJ, but a lot of people are just setting up a smart playlist these days. With a smart playlist you can add songs to the build up of the wedding and make sure that you have a rocking or romantic soundtrack. Once you have a playlist, you’ll be able to set it up on the day and let it play through the night with someone taking responsibility for changing the playlist every now and then.

Writing The Vows

You’re either really looking forward to writing your vows, or you are dreading it with all your heart. It would be easy to say that grooms hate writing the vows and girls love it, but that’s not always true. It depends how much well you can express your emotions. If you have trouble conveying how you feel, writing vows is going to be very difficult for you. So let’s make it easier and a little more fun. To do this, go on a trip with your soon to be husband or wife and take a trip down memory lane to all special places from your relationship. Do this, and you should find the words come freely when you next try to write your vows.

You see, you shouldn’t just look forward to the big day. Make sure you enjoy the days, months or even years leading up to it too.

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