From the team:
We are the daughters of the feminists who said, “You can be anything,” and we heard, “You have to be everything.” When Jeremy and I got together for this session we had a deal. We would walk into the room we were going to shoot in and we would take a step back. This is film, we thought – it’s magical, it’s timeless. This is a woman. She is just the same. We decided not to concentrate on the props, lace, or florals trying to make a woman appear beautiful through things.

Instead, we concentrated on her. She made things beautiful. We celebrated one woman and all women. We tried to capture the life inside of her and the energy that she carried into that room. We looked into her eyes and found magic, the one that a woman is loved for – not the achievements, not a degree, not a job position, and not a pretty dress. The energy that comes from inside and makes the world spin. Take a look at Devon on film and see that. Take a look at women around you and feel that.

Photography Jeremy Chou | Styling/Design Natalie Papova | Floral Design Twigss Floral Studio | Hair & Makeup Kelly Jo | Private Venue | Calligraphy  Spurlè Gul Studio | Ring  Susie Saltzman | Model Devon Powers  from Scout Model Agency | Photo Lab The Find Lab

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