You know how there certain types of people that are easier to just… chill out around? People whose energy is so kind and grounding that it feels natural to breathe deeply and relax when you are with them? That feeling is an extra big gift when said person comes in the form of your wedding photographer. Because if your photographer is someone you feel comfortable with, your photos will look amazing, full stop. And your wedding day will be that much more fun.

And, because we got you, today we’re hooking you up with just such a photographer: Kyo Morishima Photography. (Who just so happens to have rates starting at $2,400. In New York City. With eight years of experience. How’s that for breathing easier?!)

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Kyo Morishima Photography is a husband and wife photography and design team serving the greater New York City area. Kyo and his wife Janna (design mastermind and customer liaison superstar) have been in business for eight years as a kind, calm, knowledgeable force of chill in the wedding process. Take it from me: having Janna in your inbox during planning will be almost as much of a gift as Kyo’s photos. Which, speaking of…

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As you can see, Kyo is all about capturing natural, documentary-style candids, but with an added knack for natural-feeling, unfussy-but-elegant portraits. He has a great sense of composition and color and always takes advantage of surroundings—whether it’s a scrap of a city park or the back of a warehouse, somehow he makes it look 👌👌👌.

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Even though all that skill could come with a much high price tag, Kyo Morishima Photography‘s wedding packages start at $2,400 for 6 hours of photography by Kyo and his lighting assistant, plus editing and color correction of all individual photographs, a password-protected online gallery, and delivery of complete high-resolution image files with unlimited printing rights for personal use.

Yep, you heard that right, packages start at $2,400 for real, so it’s no wonder a lot of writers, artists, designers, and makers of one sort or another—people who approach life creatively and who have a relaxed and unconventional attitude toward their weddings—tend to gravitate towards Kyo and Janna.

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In the past year alone, Kyo has photographed weddings in a whole gamut of venues—from the back garden of a tattoo parlor to a rooftop farm overlooking the East River to a tiny Hoboken neighborhood bar to the Guggenheim Museum. This ability to gel with a wide range of people, from different industries and different cultures, celebrating their weddings in different ways, is Kyo and Janna’s superpower.

Kyo even works wonders for people who aren’t their most comfortable in front of the camera—he won’t make you stand and pose every five seconds. One photophobic client said, “My fiancé and I are not ‘picture people’ and were not really excited about having tons of pictures taken. Kyo was quick to tell us that he was ‘superfast,’ and super fast he was!”

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Since Kyo and Janna are so grateful to have worked with so many “fun-loving, big-hearted, thoughtful people who are forging their own path in the world,” they decided to create an e-book of some wedding inspo chock full of “the most creative, sweetest, silliest, most kickass ideas that our creative, sweet, silly, kickass clients have had” to share with their future couples, and you can download that right here.

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But Kyo and Janna’s best advice?

JUST BE YOU. Your parents probably have some strong opinions for you, your good friends have suggestions, and goodness knows the Internet is full of “the latest trends” and “must haves.” It’s OK to respect your parents’ opinions and listen to your friends (we’re sure you already know you have permission to ignore “the latest trends” and there is NO SUCH THING as a “must have”). But in the end, make sure your wedding makes the two of you happy through and through.

It’s sort of like the advice we give brides who ask us, “So, I don’t normally wear makeup and all these people are telling me I need to wear tons of makeup for my wedding pictures, otherwise I’ll look washed out. Is that true?”

And our answer is, NO! It is not true. You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy. If you feel weird wearing a lot of makeup, DON’T WEAR A LOT OF MAKEUP. Your inner feelings are what’s going to come through in the photographs. If you feel relaxed and happy, that’s what you’ll look like in the pictures! So do your own thing.

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So if you’re looking for a photographer who will catch all the picture-perfect moments and put you at ease—check out Kyo Morishima Photography today. You can learn more about Kyo and Janna, see their most recent work, get some of their best wedding tips, and contact them with questions or book them here.



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