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There’s really only one thing you need to know about New England wedding photographers Two of Us Photography: Working with Sarah—and her husband Jeff—is basically like having your APW Happy Hour bestie and her fave plus-one as your wedding photographers. As Sarah told us:

I love the APW community. They’ve given me so much advice (holla happy hour people!), laughter, and incredible clients. We have so much in common (yes, APW is the first thing I jump on reading in the morning, and I often quote the advice column to friends who are dealing with similar issues), and knowing we all believe in equality in love and a no-nonsense approach to wedding planning puts us on the same page. Secondly, our style of photography lends itself to real moments and connections—not just between you and your significant other, but all the other awesome people who showed up to support you two in your marriage, and we find that APW readers have those connections at the center of their celebrations. APW readers are absolutely the best. They’re people that we would be friends with in real life, and they bring so much spirit and personality to their weddings.

It doesn’t really get any better than that right? Well actually, it kind of does because Sarah and Jeff are not only helpful, supportive, APW-reading-and-commenting kind souls—they are both ridiculously experienced, artful documentary photographers. And with rates starting at $3,500, that’s kind of like getting two incredible photographers (and human beings) to document your wedding for the price of one.

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Two of Us Photography’s Sarah and Jeff are one-part professional photojournalists (that met while getting studying photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and they both worked at newspapers throughout the U.S.) and one-part second-generation wedding photographers (Sarah’s parents are a wedding photography team in Pennsylvania, and she started shooting alongside them as a teenager). Their unique background has created a magical, moment-driven photography style that focuses on how your wedding feels. (This recent wedding is my fave example of how Sarah and Jeff don’t miss a moment of the pretty, the feels, and the hilarity.)

As Sarah told us:

In five, ten, or fifteen years, it won’t always be easy to remember the emotions and micro-moments from a day (like how it felt to see a friend you hadn’t seen since college, or how you cracked up when your husband licked your nose during your ceremony), but a photograph packed with feeling and mood can be a time-machine back to that specific second. This is why Jeff and I don’t photograph what your wedding looks like; we capture how your wedding FEELS. Thanks to our backgrounds in photojournalism, we’re keen to recognize the nuances in your wedding day and capture the feeling of your day, rather than make copies of photos already in our portfolio.

And an added bonus is how well we complement each other. Jeff is the comfortably quiet, catch special little moments, find incredible angles no one else would ever think to envision kind of guy, while I’m the reassuringly confident, gather wayward family members, discover awesome light kind of gal. If one of us is having an off day, the other steps up to kick butt. And one thing we share, besides our love for photography? When everyone’s dancing at the reception, we’re both in the middle, dancing with y’all (FYI, Jeff’s definitely the better dancer).

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Two of Us Photography is based in Vermont, and travels for free throughout New England, including within Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine. For clients elsewhere in the Northeastern U.S., travel is $300 per wedding. And if you if you’re getting married somewhere else, it doesn’t hurt to contact Sarah and Jeff—they might just have friends throughout the U.S. they can stay with to keep your travel costs low.

Wedding package rates start at 6 hours of coverage for $3,500, which includes:

• Both Sarah and Jeff as lead photographers
• At least 450 full-resolution images (about 75 high-resolution edited images per hour of coverage)
• Separate copies of color and black and white images delivered on an elegant flash drive and uploaded on a cloud site where you can share with your friends and family (or not, if you prefer to keep images private)

Two of Us also offers 8- and 10-hour packages:
• Their 8-hour package is $4,500 and includes at least 600 full-resolution images, plus one of the following: an engagement session; an 8×8 craftsman-made, cloth-bound album, designed by Sarah and Jeff, with up to 100 of your choice of images; or an extra hour of coverage.
• Their 10 hour package is $5,500, includes at least 750 edited images, and includes two of the following: an engagement session; an 8×8 craftsman-made, cloth-bound album, designed by Sarah and Jeff, with up to 100 of your choice of images; and/or an extra hour of coverage

APW SPECIAL: Because Sarah and Jeff want to hook up APW couples with as many photos as possible, if you mention this post before September 25, 2017, they’ll give you an extra hour of coverage (normally $600).

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Given how Two of Us Photography likes to hang out here on APW, it should really come as no surprise that not only do they take killer photos, they provide the kind of customer service that’s more like we’ve-got-your-back wedding support. Here’s what Sarah told us above how they like to support and spoil their clients:

The best part of our job is connecting with clients. When I worked as a photographer at a newspaper, I loved getting to know new people, but I wouldn’t be able to stay connected for long as I had to dive into the next story. Since transitioning to photographing weddings and engagements full time, we are able to spend quality time with our couples before, during, and after their weddings, and we love meeting up with couples in many different ways (whether it’s going fishing, getting drinks, or photographing their new baby).

We have an “above and beyond expectations” mentality for caring for our couples (spoiler alert, we send out Vermont-centered holiday gifts to all our next year’s clients that have booked). We’re now taking eighteen to twenty weddings a year, enough to make us a living, but not too many, so we’re still able to make friends with each client.

We’re so happy to continue to attract clients who fall in love with our style (and we end up falling in love with them!), and we have begun booking weddings outside New England (hello New York City, D.C., and Indiana(!!)). We happily travel (usually for free) to our clients for consultations and engagement sessions (I travel down to Boston every other month, New York once a year, and D.C. twice a year). All in all, we’ve been floored with how our business is growing (thanks APW readers!), and are beyond grateful to all the couples who give us the honor of photographing their celebrations, no matter the size, the location, or the culture.

Getting photos taken of yourself is very personal, and receiving your finished wedding photos is the final test of the relationship you’ve developed with your photographers and the end result of the creative collaboration. Because of this, we always get a surge of excitement and adrenaline when we receive feedback from our clients. Here’s one of our favorites from this past year:

“We loved working with Sarah and Jeff and were thrilled with our wedding photos! Sarah and Jeff struck just the right balance of being accommodating and present yet unobtrusive: they were always there getting a great shot somehow without us noticing! We have really fun candids of our guests, as well as crisp formal shots and gorgeous landscape and detail shots with their beautiful artistic touch throughout. They were professional but also relaxed and very comfortable to work with. This was by far our best experience with wedding vendors. Highly recommended!” —Alison

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