You might be surprised at how much thought goes into planning a wedding. This is true for large and expensive weddings, and it’s also true for small and comparatively inexpensive. Either way, a lot goes into planning a wedding.

Since weddings are far from simple to plan, you can’t afford to gloss over the details if you’re hoping to have a perfect day. However, it’s often difficult to figure out everything by yourself, and help from family and friends will go a long way to make planning much more successful. For instance, should you end the big night with Wedding Sparklers? Using Sparklers at weddings can be one of the cheapest things at your wedding and become the most memorable. Wedding sparklers help create a fairy-tale ending to your big night and lets your loved ones celebrate your new found love one last time. Remember when selecting sparklers for weddings to pick purchase long sparklers. We recommend either 20 inch wedding sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers due to their extended burn time.

Or you could end your wedding night with Sky Lanterns reminiscent of the Chinese tradition to signify an everlasting memory. Sky Lanterns are commonly referred to as wish lanterns and can help create some truly romantic moments. You can choose to either have the newlyweds lifting a sky lantern off into the night sky or incorporate all of your wedding guests. Wedding guests can even write well wishes and congratulations on the sky lanterns. Make sure to purchase sky lanterns online that are 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment. Make sure to check with your venue if they allow the use of sky lanterns.

While these are two dramatic imaginative elements, not all your classy touches need be dramatic; they can also be simple: for instance, simple tulip baskets on the table with matching colored candles for the dinner table. Another imaginative element might be choosing the perfect music selection during the dance.

So how do you decide what to add and what to exclude? A lively dialogue with family and friends will help you get clear on what you need to do and in what order it should be done.

What to Consider When Planning

The best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed is to break your plan into discrete elements. This way you can work on each element separately and then put everything together into a lively flow of events. When planning, three elements to keep in mind are budgeting, scheduling, and record-keeping.

How Budgeting Forestalls Regret

A budget is the most important thing you can do. Without it, just guesstimating how much things will cost and what to buy will result in a fiscal disaster. In a jubilant and extravagant mood, it’s easy to overspend. In fact, many families have gone into debt because they went too far. Conversely, approaching the whole concept of how much to spend with a tight-fisted attitude will result in the wedding being far too stingy for anyone to enjoy it. Working within a budget obviates the problems of spending too much or too little because it places all decision-making within a realistic framework.

How Scheduling Averts Chaos

While a budget limits what you can do, a schedule limits how much you can do. Schedules appear to place a limit on spontaneity.

However, schedules are necessary for 3 reasons:

  • One, they put an end to unrealistic expectations on how long things take to get organized and how long events should last.
  • Two, they put an end to procrastinating on important decisions that need to be made.
  • Three, they help you to circumvent. disappointments—for instance, the best venues often need to be booked 6 months to a year ahead of time.

So what should you schedule? Here are two examples: Schedule when you will complete the guest list and when you will send out invitations; and schedule when a venue will be available and when to set the wedding date. Make a list of everything you have to schedule to avoid all kinds of wedding etiquette mistakes.

How Record-Keeping Nips Confusion in the Bud

There is so much going on when planning a wedding that if you don’t keep tabs on everything you’re doing, you’re going to have all kinds of problems when wedding vendors start sending in their invoices for their services. Your budget and your schedule will quickly get out of control if you’re not keeping tabs on what’s going on as your plans unfold.

Plot Your Own Blockbuster Movie

In conclusion, you need to think of a wedding rather like a movie production with a captivating introduction, an engaging event, and a memorable conclusion.To facilitate this, you need to budget, schedule, and keep records. Although you may dislike all these detailed elements of planning because they feel too constraining, it’s necessary to override any feeling of antipathy … because, once these three essential factors of planning are under control, then everything else falls into place. It becomes easy to figure out the rest of the things you need to consider such as guest lists, themes, events, venues, officiants, and so on.

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