We Believe In…

Stress-Free Weddings

You only get one shot at your big day. It is our belief that you deserve to experience that day, in all its’ glory, without having to stress over the details. We’ll be there to ease your burden every step of the way.

We Believe In…

Building Relationships

It’s simple to find customers, but harder to find friends. It is our belief that each customer we work with should be someone we could become friends with, so that we’re able to add that much more to your wedding experience!

We Believe In…

Detailed Simplicity

We obsess over the details, but we don’t think that requires us to be overly complicated. It is our belief that we can get every little detail organized without making the whole process so complex it becomes impossible to understand.

Who We Are

SINCE 2014

We at Wedding Warriors TC have three main beliefs:

  1. That hosting an event doesn’t have to be stressful;
  2. That every customer is a new friend, and
  3. That it is possible to achieve Detailed Simplicity.

Our amazing team of Wedding Warriors and Event Experts work hard to bring these three tenets to your event, and are here to help you with whatever you need, from start to finish.

Whether planning a wedding, a party, or some other event, we’ll work with you to simplify the planning process, remove any stress you have about the event, and make your event the absolute best it could possibly be.




India Jonker

Chief Warrior India handles most of our weddings and is the creative powerhouse behind Wedding Warriors.

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Justin Bazinet

CEO and Wedding Warrior, Justin handles our contracts and finances, and is our networking dynamo and Head Problem Solver.

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Jared Anderson

Wedding Warrior Jared assists with events as needed, and provides all technical expertise required to pull off amazing weddings!

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This Could Be You!

Wedding Warriors TC is currently seeking new Wedding Warriors to Join our Team!.

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