If you’ve been planning your wedding for more than half a second, chances are you’ve probably read an article (or twenty) talking about how to pick your wedding themes. Here’s the secret: of course, you don’t have to have a theme. Weddings already come with a laundry list of to-dos, so don’t feel bad for not wanting to add another to your plate. You can keep it simple and maybe choose a really awesome backdrop and move along. But sometimes it’s easier to pick a central ideal for your wedding, because then all other decisions can flow from that one, in true #LazyGirl style. And some folks just really like a full-on themed wedding (and we’re very much here to admire their handwork, and hope for an invitation to one of these bashes). So if you perk up at the idea of a wedding theme, we’ve rounded up some killer ideas.

Now, how do you pick a wedding theme that’s actually you’re going to love? You might know right off the top that you’re going, say, full Harry Potter, in which case, we have some cool weddings to show you. But for everyone else, you can start by looking into general styles that interest you: Are you thinking outdoorsy and rustic? Do you prefer a little vintage glamour? Are you and your partner a nerdy power duo who wants games and magic front and center for your nuptials?

To inspire your decision, we set out on a search for some of the best new wedding themes on the net. From neon to midcentury modern to Candy Land Christmas—we found some sixty-five wedding themes that cover a little something for every couple.

Here’s a quick list of the wedding themes we love (scroll down for more deets and inspiration shots):

  1. Ancient Greece
  2. Eighteenth Century
  3. The 20s
  4. The 70s
  5. The 80s
  6. The 90s
  7. Midcentury Modern
  8. Cogs and Gears
  9. Great Gatsby Meets Steampunk
  10. Vintage Circus
  11. Harry Potter
  12. Wes Anderson
  13. Alice in Wonderland
  14. Wizardry and Whimsy
  15. Superhero
  16. Game of Thrones
  17. Farm
  18. Southwestern
  19. Winter Rustic
  20. Country and Cattle
  21. Equestrian
  22. Pastel
  23. Neon
  24. Color and Texture
  25. Pop of Color
  26. Mural
  27. Fourth of July
  28. Winter Wonderland
  29. Pink Candy Land Christmas
  30. Pumpkin Patch
  31. Haunted Harvest
  32. First Date
  33. Kentucky Derby
  34. Fine Art and Sculpture
  35. Modern Art
  36. Art Deco
  37. Folklore
  38. Super Mario
  39. Board Game
  40. Typography
  41. Aviation
  42. Kawaii
  43. Children’s Museum
  44. Literary
  45. School
  46. Pizza Party
  47. Wedfest
  48. Rock Concert
  49. Prince
  50. New York City
  51. Vegas
  52. Ferry (aka Public Transit)
  53. Urban Jungle
  54. White Desert Sands
  55. Lake
  56. Fairytale
  57. Citrus
  58. Mermaid
  59. Sequins and Glitter
  60. Cat
  61. Tropicana and Balloons
  62. Woodland Wonderland
  63. Unicorn
  64. Celestial 
  65. Rocker Glam

Vintage Wedding THemes

wedding themes - ancient Greece style bust on table surrounded by flowers and glassware Photo by Eric K Choi Photography via Wedluxe

ancient Greece: This styled shoot was inspired by Ancient Greece. Create a party fit for a goddess or god with gold filigree, over-the-top centerpieces, and dainty arm cuffs.

wedding themes - bride and bridesmaids wearing Victorian dresses Photo by Axioo via Rock N Roll Bride

Eighteenth century: This Indonesian bride turned her love of Marie Antoinette and the eighteenth century aesthetic into her dream wedding theme. Guests were transported to another world with their colorful and whimsical wedding.

wedding themes - bride wearing an antique veil holding sitting husbands handPhoto by Josh Goleman of The Wedding Artists Co. via 100 Layer Cake

the 20s: Dawning authentic 1920s wear by day and dining by candlelight by night, this wedding is straight out of an heirloom scrapbook. The bride and groom searched through flea markets to find things like vintage lace tablecloths to make their day uniquely antique.

couple walking through confetti Photo by Lara Hotz Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

the 70s: This disco chic wedding brings together all the best parts of the 1970s aesthetic. Integrate orange and berry hues into your venue decor, then all you’ll have left to do is grab a disco ball and head out to the dance floor to catch that Saturday Night Fever.

holographic and pastel 80s tablescape Photo by Cameron Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes

the 80s: Instead of going for the typical 1980s neons, try toning down your colors with a Miami Vice–inspired color palette. With a lighter color scheme, you’ll have more room to play holographic and geometric designs.

90s decorated lockers with school pictures of bride and groomPhoto by Elaine Palladino Photography via Every Last Detail

The 90s: This couple celebrated their wedding like true ’90s kids! Each of their table numbers featured popular sayings from the 1990s (i.e. “Get Jiggy Wit It”), a Nintendo was set up for guests to play, they had cassette escort cards, and their reception was held in a converted gymnasium.

retro wedding stationary Photo by Steve Cowell Photo via 100 Layer Cake

mIDcENTURY MODERN: The retro feel of midcentury modern can suit many different couples. You can go super minimal with just a few pops of midcentury elements or mix in lush greenery for a midcentury garden feel.

gears as a centerpiece on a table Photo by Peakography via Rock N Roll Bride

Cogs and gears: The lovechild of industrial and steampunk, the cogs and gears theme gives off a cool vintage feel but with plenty of edge.

bride wearing vintage dress in front of a classic carPhoto by Chellise Michael Photography via Ruffled Blog

Great Gatsby meets Steampunk: Achieve this theme with vintage furniture, a horn section, a classic car, and lots of love. Or make it your own by adding your own unique steampunk elements.

guests sit inside circus tentPhoto by Cameron Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes

vINTAGE cIRCUS: Celebrate big love under the big top with a vintage circus themed wedding. Bring together elements like fascinators and classic circus fun. Consider calling a few stilt walkers or acrobats too, while you’re at it!

TV and Movie Wedding Themes

harry potter map wedding invitationPhoto by Nirav Patel via Green Wedding Shoes

Harry Potter: Grab a wand transport all your friends and family to Hogwarts for one magical night. Go all out with the decor to an otherworldly feel. Guests can even dress up to represent their magical persona.

couple standing on stairs with steamer on the railing Photo by Carly Romeo via A Practical Wedding

Wes Anderson: As a tribute to Wes Anderson, a favorite director of the couple, the bride and groom decorated with Anderson’s iconic pastel color palette. Even the guests felt like they were in a movie.

couple standing among large artificial flowers Photo by Konstantin Semenikhin via Mon Cheri Bridals

Alice in Wonderland: Mix elegance and eclectic whimsy (think timepieces and teacups) to create your very own Alice in Wonderland wedding. This bride and groom had larger-than-life blooms made to give their ceremony a fantastical feel.

plate of cauldron cakesPhoto by

Wedding Warriors TC

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