Hey APW,

As it turns out, this week was the week that I had an article about what my parents wedding would cost in 2017, reach almost a million people on Buzzfeed, making it the most widely read thing I’ve ever written. It was extra fun, given that the article was about my parents’ wedding, so my parents kept texting me updates, delighted that their wedding (of all things) was the sixth most popular article on Buzzfeed.

And because of that, I just finished filming an interview for ATTN: about wedding inflation. We’ll let you know when they publish that video, but for now you can see the pretty floral dress I wore, above.

All of this makes me so grateful for the amazing team of women I’ve surrounded myself with at APW, as past and present staff members. Huge thanks to Maddie who helped me research the post (making a zillion fake wedding-planning phone calls), and gave it a heavy edit. And one-time APW intern, now long time Buzzfeed Senior Lifestyle Editor Rachel Wilkerson Miller for conceptualizing the piece and guiding it through the whole editorial process.

Meanwhile, we’ve been buckling down at a full and complete rebuild of the site that will be happening by end of year (good code here we come). Which means I’m about ready for a real-live happy hour.

It’s your open thread. Have at!


Image CreditMaddie Eisenhart for A Practical Wedding

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