Hey APW,

I don’t know about you, but the past few weeks have felt like an uphill climb. Everything just feels like all work and no fun, and I’ve been grumpy as hell about it. (Spoiler alert: Apparently I’m not the only one. WONDER WHAT THE REASON COULD BE?) So it’s felt especially important lately to try and offset whatever universal energy is making us all miserable with some good. Last weekend that involved a road trip down to San Diego visit some friends who are having a baby next week. And next weekend, it involves a giant balloon installation and a photo popup in the APW studio to raise money for our local elementary school in East Oakland (where Meg lives and we work). And you guys should seriously come! You can read the full details of where the money will go right here (including why this particular cause is near and dear to our hearts), but the basic gist of the event goes like this:

Join us in the APW studios on Saturday, February 24th to get your photo taken. We’ll have a wild and fun balloon backdrop and a plain and simple white backdrop, so you can get cool photos for Instagram, or a chic LinkedIn profile picture… or both. We’re asking for a $35 minimum donation for a single person to get their photos done (profile picture, we gotchu). For couples and families, we’re asking for a $50 minimum donation. And in case you’re wondering what playing around in the APW studio feels like on a Saturday afternoon, see above. (BYO disco ball.)

There are still a handful of slots available, and you can sign up right here (registration is free; donations will be accepted at the door). And if you can’t make it (sob), we’re hosting an online fundraiser as well. Y’all have already helped us raise almost 10 percent of our $5,000 goal in just a few days, and I’m just so floored by your generosity. We’ve still go a ways to go, but we calculated that if every single person who reads happy hour donated $2, we could meet our goal (and then some) in a day. So if you have even a dollar to spare today, we would be so, so grateful.

And with that, it’s your happy hour. And I can’t wait to see you next weekend!



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