Hey APW,

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I’ve had a hard week. In short, my dad was admitted to the ER on Friday, and initially things were going well… and then all of a sudden they were going very badly. We all sat at the edge of a huge ER room waiting to find out if he was going to die, but then he didn’t! As it turns out, not dying is a pretty big deal. We had a very long weekend (and I had a very long night) in the ICU, and then I spent half of the week helping out once he was moved to the regular floor of the hospital. Thankfully he was sent home yesterday, and I could go for many more months without the constant beeping of hospital alarms.

The great thing is, we have the photo pop-up in our East Oakland Studio tomorrow, and then on Monday, Maddie and I are headed to Palm Springs for a week, where I get to give a Keynote at Alt Summit. While it’s going to be a packed schedule full of lots of work, it is also a chance to wear a lot of great outfits, see friends I only see once a year, and hang out in a hot tub. And I need that so badly right now.

I hope all of you had better weeks than I did, and I wish you nothing but Palm Spring vibes this weekend.


P.S. We are still collecting donations for our local East Oakland school, and would love it you gave even $5 here. We’ll also be hanging out on Instagram stories this weekend during the pop-up, and next week we’ll be hitting you with major Palm Spring vibes. So meet us over there, and let’s chill.

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