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It has been a crazy week! If you follow along on Instagram stories, you may have seen that there was a technical glitch with APW this week. You likely wouldn’t have even noticed unless you check the site multiple times a day, but from our side it was like playing whack a mole with plugin problems, followed by a cool twenty hours when we couldn’t touch anything on the site. BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH, Y’ALL. So I coped by watching The Matrix and reminding myself it’s all a simulation anyway. But enough about me. I have exciting updates and news! First, we have added two contributors to the APW family. They are both fiercely talented, whip smart, wonderful humans who we are thrilled to work with. You’ll start seeing their bylines pop up from time to time, and we want you to feel like you know them a little. Meet Kelly (who rounded up wedding themes from all over the Internet) and Natalie (who wrote that great bridal shower gifts post):

Kelly is a recent college grad who is passionate about all things pretty: pretty pictures, pretty places, pretty words, and especially pretty weddings. She has been writing since grade school, and as Carrie Bradshaw wannabe and a Say Yes to the Dress fanatic, it was only a matter of time before she found her way to APW. Kelly is a proud Dallasite and when she’s not writing she spends her time exploring her city, listening to podcasts, and putting makeup on all her friends. To follow along with her shenanigans, check her out on Instagram!

Natalie Schack is an Oahu-based brunch enthusiast, full-time glutton, and freelance writer on the side, who’s constantly pumping out pages on topics ranging from all the pretty things, to some of the not-so-pretty ones. If she’s not in bed daydreaming about birthday party themes or biking through Honolulu with her untamable, impossibly lovable, rascal of a husband, you’ll find her locked in a heated debate about this or that science-fiction film, hiking all the mountains, or drooling over a new, sexy slice of design that found its way over to her cozy corner of the Internet.

Second, speaking of fiercely talented women who I love the most, my BFF just launched a podcast that she’s producing in partnership with chef Cal Peternell, formerly of Chez Panisse fame. The format is one I haven’t seen anywhere else yet: Cal interviews his guests (first interview is Frances McDormand!) and takes you through the process of cooking a meal at the same time. So it’s part podcast, part interactive cooking lessons. Awesome, right? Her podcast already got a write-up in Vogue, and well, I’m just so damn proud of her. Shit, now I’m crying. So while I go collect myself, you should go check it out! I can’t give too many details, but they have some really cool guests in future episodes and I can’t wait for them to drop.

And lastly, definitely most importantly, I think I finally found a luggage set to replace my falling apart ten-year-old Jansport. I bought my OG luggage set in college from Century 21, and it’s a gaudy pink and green paisley, two-wheel monstrosity that makes everyone I travel with hate me. But luggage is so expensive, and I didn’t want to buy something I only had lukewarm feelings about. (I know, I know. It’s a suitcase. I can’t explain it.) But then Instagram, in all its creepiness, presented the perfect suitcase to me this week and now I just need your help picking out which one I want. Do I go for the obvious or the more understated?

And that’s all she wrote, folks. Here’s hoping next week is less exciting. Enjoy your happy hour; we’ve all earned it.



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