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It’s been a pretty chill week here, mostly dedicated to catching up on our to-do lists. But on Tuesday night we got to attend a bonkers over-the-top dinner at The Claremont Hotel. For those of you not in the know, The Claremont is a beautiful sprawling Victorian hotel in the Berkeley Hills that I’ve been obsessed with since I was a child. I used to call it “the rich people hotel,” and look at me now, little Meg! Anyway, we stayed there on our wedding night, in homage to my grandparents, who had their reception there about a month after my grandfather was released from being a prisoner of war during WWII. The hotel is now being managed by The Fairmont, and they’ve done a much-needed extensive remodel inside (goodbye peeling paint and early ’90s carpet). So it was a delight to have a dinner with a violinist and a view of the San Francisco Bay. I always feel a little closer to my grandparents when I go there.

Then last night I got to attend a lovely hand-lettering event thrown by Mixbook and have date night in the city. Beyond that I’ve been hard at work planning my girlfriend’s bachelorette party, and celebrating selling out The Compact Summer Camp.

I hope y’all have had just as lovely a week, and with that, I give you your open thread.



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