Wreaths aren’t just for winter, evergreens, and yuletide thresholds. Try these easy and organic seasonal transition wreaths in the summer and fall months. Once you learn the art of wreathing, you’ll want to create one for every season. Here are the supplies you will need:
Fruiting Foliage clippings 4”-8” in length
Wire Cutters
Floral Scissors
Wreath Frame (Natural or Wire)
Paddle wire
Water Tubes

Step 1. Prepare your branches and materials so that your clippings are 4”-8” in length. (Keep some longer pieces if you’d like to add some wild pieces at the end.). Clean the bottoms of your clippings so that it allows for easier wrapping around your frame.
Step 2. Take your wreath frame and your first branch clipping and wrap your wire. I like to start with a nice chunky piece. Twist the wire ends around each other at the back of the frame to insure a secure starting point. Keep your wire enact and attached to spool during the entire time you’re on the frame.
Step 3. Continue to place and wrap clusters of clippings as you work around the frame. I like to wrap my wire around each cluster of clippings at least three times. Focus most of your material at the center of your frame, letting your branches spill out beyond the outer frame. Be careful not to let too much material go into the center of your wreath, otherwise you’ll lose your shape. Tip: Pay attention to your stems. If any bend or twist in an interesting way, you can use these pieces to add interest to the outer edges of your wreath.
Step 4. Finish by cutting your wire from the paddle. Twist the end of wire a couple times around back of your wreath to secure.
Step 5. Once your base layer is complete, decide on where you’d like to place your ribbon. You can simply knot a bow or fold with a floral pin and nestle in between your branches.
Step 6. Hang on your wall or door and enjoy! These can dry out quite nicely but if you prefer a fresher look, you can use a floral water tube at the ends of your clippings when preparing your branches.

Photography Shannon Elizabeth| Floral Design Soil and Stem | Ribbon Frou Frou Chic

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