What are they going to come up with next!  Although this is not a wedding wine project, I could not resist turning  it into a diy wedding project.  I don’t know the how but I can take the credit for planting the seed.  I am sure great graphic designer could whip up a template of this design.

You could do this as a centerpiece and then under each “make a wish pull off tab” you could put a prize for one of your guests. Or you can put a saying to share with your guests. The messag at the bottom of the bottle could be something like “a wish from Emily & Jay”.

Bridesmaids and family –  you could give one of these special bottles as a gift to the bride and groom with your wedding message or gift on the ‘wish tab” – especially great if you know what they really want and what a better way to gift it to them. There are so many things you can do with this.

If you take on this project and successful duplicated – please send us your pictures, how you put it all together -what you did with and it.

The Real Genius Behind This Project:

Designed by The Creative Method | Country: Australia

Brief: To create a simple and distinctive wine label for the Wishbone brand out of wine out of Marlborough in NZ. It is a mainstream wine that needed to be remembered from the 1000’s of labels on shelves throughout the world.

Solution: The label is simple and clean. 2 wishbones form a large W in the centre of the label this creates a unique focal point and is memo- rable. A special adhesive label tear section is placed into the front side that can be removed – thus breaking the wishbone, under this label the consumer is encourages to keep the tab, make another wish and with a bit of luck find another bottle.”

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