From the photographer : On a beautiful spring day, where the cherry blossoms, camellias and little daisies are in full bloom, Natasha and Derek celebrated their love story in a sweet elopement style getaway for their engagement session. We started out the story as Derek watches his beautiful and sweet Natasha wakeup in the glorious sunny bedroom. The thoughtful fiance then runs the bath for her as we created some delicate boudoir bathroom scenes shot in some timeless Black and White films. As Natasha is soaking herself in a pretty bath with daisies he picked from the gardens, Derek scribbled some love notes in the living room. He presented it to Natasha before they head out for a little walk outside, enjoying the fresh afternoon sun, spoiling their eyes with the abundance of blossoming flowers and spending quality time together as the sun sets. They ended the day dressed up in stunning outfits as they head out to have a romantic dinner. From the bride (love story)
Derek and I met on our first day of university, at the University of Melbourne. We were both starting our degree to be dentists. I first noticed Derek sitting towards the back of the lecture room, and I thought, he’s kind of cute! Soon we became friends and we often talked over the online messenger at night. I was always the confused girl during class, but Derek was always there to help me, patiently teaching and explaining things to me. Even during the stressful exam periods, Derek always managed to say a quick hello. We stayed friends for five years until we graduated. A few months after graduation we had dinner together and only then we grew to be even closer. Text messages became long chats over the phone and soon, we were in a relationship. Five years later, we went on a long awaited trip to the US. Derek proposed on his knee on the very top of the New York Empire State building on October 18, 2016. I was so taken aback that I was lost for words and forgot to say yes! Eventually I did say yes of course and there were no questions in my mind that I would say otherwise. From the stylist Sierra:

Natasha has a very feminine and polished aesthetic so we chose very soft yet elegant pieces for her styling. I really wanted to celebrate how beautiful she was with elements of sheer lace, soft tulles and open necklines, she has the most divine skin. Derek is also very timeless in his taste so we opted for a relaxed but classic look in neutral shades and a muted navy suit for his final look.

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