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When you decide you want to officially make your person your person forever, it’s not unusual to make a compromise or two, or… twenty-five. Sure you wanted to marry someone who didn’t leave towels on the floor, but maaaaybe, that’s not actually a dealbreaker. Sure you wanted to get married on a mountainside, but possibly it’s more important to have your grandmas there. But as of now, even if you live in New York City, #MostExpensiveCityOnEarth, there is one thing you don’t have to compromise: your wedding photography. SERIOUSLY THO.

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I know. You’re looking at all these pictures and thinking, “One thousand percent gorgeous, one thousand percent out of my budget.” But no! Justin McCallum is one of those once-in-a-lifetime wedding photographer finds. His photos are incredible, he’s a the kind of seasoned pro meets total sweetheart that makes the experience of getting followed around all day with a camera actually enjoyable, and drumroll… his rates start at $2,150 for 5 hours. In New York City. (And if you’re not in New York, scroll down for a special deal for APW readers involving free travel.)two brides in a field blowing on a dandelion bride and groom holding hands, bodies facing forward, heads turned to side staring intently at eachother Wedding party in purple and navy holding books in front of faces as two grooms kiss under chandelier

But, just when you thought Justin McCallum couldn’t get more perfect, he says something like this, and suddenly you’re wondering whether it’s inappropriate to love your photographer as much as your partner…

Being a chunky queer dude, I care about representing every kind of love and beauty under the sky in an industry that is tolerant, at best, and negligent of real couples more often than not.

I love kick-ass brides, grooms who cry, partners who have dance battles, and fucking with gender norms. Show me your nerdiness, tattoos, family traditions, and unabashedly unique dance moves. I love your quirky goofy passionate love and want to make sure you look awesome celebrating!

Whatever, I’m not crying, you’re crying. (Psst: Lest you think it’s all mushy love stories here, please go enjoy Justin’s silliest moments of 2016, including a cameo by none other than Bravo superstar Andy Cohen.)

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So if you want a wedding photographer who is not only a super nice dude, but has over one hundred weddings’ worth of experience and still somehow costs less than your first car (that’d be $2,150 for those of you in the back who weren’t paying attention), Justin McCallum is your guy. PLUS! For all you non-NYC readers, Justin is offering 10% off and free travel to any destination wedding or elopement booked before November 30, 2017.


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