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A few years ago, we got an email from an APW reader asking where all the hot tuxedos for women were. She was going to be in her brother’s wedding, and a long black dress just didn’t feel like her vibe, so a tuxedo seemed like the perfect compromise. Still formal. Still hot AF. We were on board. But when we dug around, the results were bleak. Tuxedos for women often fall into one of three categories: a) impeccably made tuxedos that cost four grand, b) questionably made suits from places called things like, and c) custom bespoke suits. But a well-made women’s tuxedo that still looks like a tuxedo? That you can order online? For less than $1,000? And from a company you’ve actually heard of? Basically nada, even five years later.

So when The Black Tux partnered with BHLDN to launch their new women’s tuxedo, sold exclusively on, it was basically breaking news in our office. Because, hi:

A woman stands, dressed in a black tuxedo jacket and black pants with white shoes.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, The Black Tux is an online suit and tux rental company that thinks the traditional suit and tux rental process… well, sucks. Awkwardly fitting suits made of cheap materials? Not into it. Instead, they make high-end suits and tuxedos out of really high quality wool, designed with a modern fit, that you can rent online and have delivered to your door. In fact, we’re such big fans, that the whole Oakland office outfitted our husbands and boyfriends in The Black Tux for our holiday cards last year. And I think the results speak for themselves:

A ridiculously good looking man wears a dark blue tuxedo while pouring wine into a glassAn amazingly good looking man wearing a dapper suit A gloriously good looking man wearing a tuxedo.

When The Black Tux realized that there wasn’t a standard tuxedo for women with the same quality you can find in men’s suits, they applied all of their know-how to create the women’s tuxedo I hoped existed five years ago: feminine, but not sexy sexy (you know what I mean) and for under $1,000.

A dark pencil drawing of a woman in a black tuxedo suit

So today, in partnership with The Black Tux, we’re showing you five ways to wear a tuxedo that will make you rethink your wedding dress (or at least maybe give you the fist bump you needed to wear whatever the eff you want to your wedding):

A collection of photos including earrings, a white dress, white shoes, and a woman in a black tuxedo

1. Zamora Chandelier Earrings from BHLDN ($120), 2. Sylvie Top from BHLDN ($180), 3. Seychelles By The Beach Mule from Urban Outfitters ($110), 4. Kipp Blazer and Kipp Pants from BHLDN (blazer $480 and pants $320)

For Your Wedding: The best thing about a tuxedo is that you’re starting with a blank slate. So you can dress it way up, or as far down as “It’s the red carpet, but it’s the Grammy’s, so I’m wearing sneakers.” As for dressing it up, you don’t have to go full scale Swarovski pumps to dress up a tuxedo for your wedding (though I will never turn down a bedazzled anything, you know that). You can stick with black shoes if you’re wearing louder accessories and want to draw the focus upwards. But I’m partial to these off-white mules. They’re dressy, but hip in a way that says, “I could totally wear these after my wedding.”

A collection of images including a woman in a black tuxedo, a coral colored top, a white clutch, and floral shoes

1. Kipp Blazer and Kipp Pants from BHLDN (blazer $480 and pants $320), 2. Downtown Cami from Express ($49.90), 3. Marcela Clutch from Revolve ($150), 4. Valencia Flat from Free People ($100)

For Your Rehearsal Dinner: The second best thing about a tuxedo is that if you want, you can wear it several times and no one except maybe your nosiest relative will notice, at least not in the way they’d notice if you wore your wedding dress several times. With a well-tailored suit, you can mix and match things already in your closet (though if you’re looking for an excuse to buy a statement clutch, I’m not going to get in your way).

A collection of images including a necklace, a short sleeve button shirt, a black high heel, and

1. Luminous Pearl Bib Necklace from Nordstrom ($248), 2. Sheer Button Down Blouse from FarFetch ($655), Tenno Pumps from Aldo ($90), 4. Kipp Blazer and Kipp Pants from BHLDN (blazer $480 and pants $320)

For Your Engagement Party: I also love that you can take a tuxedo from sweet to edgy with a few changes. If I’m being totally honest, this would probably be my wedding look. (Sky-high pumps, sheer blouse, and a statement collar? YES PLEASE.) But if you want something a little more romantic for your wedding, you can always use any wedding-adjacent parties to roll out your trendier fashion choices. (And bonus, wearing a tuxedo more than once gives you ample opportunities to figure out what works with your outfit, what doesn’t, and what you want to change up before the wedding rolls around.)

A collection of images including earrings, a white top, mint shoes and a woman in a black suit

1. Good Fortune Chandelier Earrings from Anthropologie ($128), 2. White Split Strap Cami from River Island ($32), 3. Goddess Slingback Shoes from TopShop ($120), 4. Kipp Blazer and Kipp Pants from BHLDN (blazer $480 and pants $320)

Attending a Friend’s Wedding: You know what I don’t see often enough? Tuxedos on wedding guests. Which is a shame, because hello practicality meets comfort. And it doesn’t have to be black tie to bust out your best suit for a wedding. You can take a tuxedo a touch more casual with colorful shoes, a less structured top, and statement earrings (which I obviously need). 

A collection of images including a woman in a black tuxedo, a comb, a woven clutch, and white shoes

1. Kipp Blazer and Kipp Pants from BHLDN (blazer $480 and pants $320), 2.

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