You may have heard this advice at some point in your wedding planning journey: “Make a standing weekly date with your partner to get coffee/brunch/drinks and talk wedding planning so that it becomes a fun couple activity instead of a chore.” While I wholeheartedly agree with this advice, I’d like to add—it helps to also plan legitimately fun things to do together while you’re engaged. Otherwise, the romantic highlight of your summer might just end up being the day you take your invitations to USPS together. Not like, that’s what happened to me or anything. (It did. It totally did.)

And I can’t think of a more fun date than making your own wedding bands with With These Rings just outside of Seattle in adorable Port Townsend, Washington. (And if that doesn’t sound like your weekend activity of choice—skip right to the part where you can just buy one of their gorgeous bands.) Check it out:

With These Rings offers private—or semi-private if you want to make it a double date—workshops where founder and jeweler (and long-time APW reader) Stephanie Selle gives you step-by-step instructions for making your own rings. If at this point you’re already thinking, “Sounds cool, but there’s no way I won’t screw up this ring my partner is now supposed to wear forever,” I am here to tell you Stephanie’s heard it all before, and she promises you won’t:

ANYONE can make rings. Just about everyone comes in with no experience at all and everyone leaves with beautiful rings. This is the number one concern that I hear. Everyone thinks that they are going to be the first to mess it up. But I have worked with hundreds of couples, all with different backgrounds (that aren’t metalwork) and they have all made their own beautiful rings.

I mean, just look at the finished rings (and listen to the happy couples)…

With These Rings Handmade gold ringsSilver hand made wedding bandsWith These Rings Handmade Jewelry

How It Works

Because she is an amazing teacher, Stephanie’s helpfulness starts way before you set foot in her studio, starting with step-by-step info covering how the process works, as well as design options, and other frequently asked questions (including about their ethically responsible and eco-conscious studio practices, yay!).

Most couples spend between $950 and $1,800 on a set of 14k gold bands. This range includes the cost of the private instruction and most materials couples select. You can learn more about pricing and exactly how you will be making your rings right here.

a loving couple making their wedding rings

And if you want to make a weekend trip of your visit to With These Rings in Port Townsend, Stephanie has you covered with lots of recommendations and suggestions on what to do to make the most of your visit. (I would like to sign up for a spa day and a craft cocktail pls.)

As she told us:

I love this place that I live, and I love sharing it with other people, as well as teaming up with and supporting amazing local businesses to help make my couples’ experience of coming to make their rings as memorable as possible. I love that when people come to my workshop they rarely look at their phones; they just become engrossed in the process and are totally present. Some even end up completely dropping their guard and having vulnerable, emotional moments when the symbolism of the process hits them. It is truly an honor to be a part of that. This business started from when my husband and I made each others’ rings, so it has always been very personal for me.

Does any part of the wedding planning that doesn’t involve being glued to a phone sound like heaven to anyone else?

a wedding ring on firehand made wedding rings on a pink rocka happy couple holding their hand made wedding rings

So if you’re in the Seattle area or don’t mind an excuse to visit and are in need of break from the less fun aspects of planning—head right here to starting planning your own romantic wedding-ring making workshop experience with With These Rings. Because making your own rings is the one wedding DIY project that will last a whole lot longer than the party itself. Years from now, when you look down at your ring, you’ll remember not only your wedding day and your commitment to each other, but all the love, effort, and fun you put into getting there.

To find out more about making your own rings with With These Rings, click here to get in touch.


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