So you recently got engaged (eee! congrats! ), and reality is starting to settle in. Not just the reality of committing to your partner forever, but of making all those wedding ideas actually happen. Or maybe you’ve already bought a couple of books, and have poked around the archives, and you’re starting to get a bit of a handle on your plans, but you have… questions. Questions about your wedding, which are the kind that never quite make it into the generic stuff that gets covered on the Internet.

In the #APWPlanner, I talk about how it can be really helpful to find a (rational, cool) wedding planner in your area and book an hour-long consultation with them at the beginning of your planning process. This means that if you can’t afford a planner (hi, me, when I was planning my wedding), you can still get solid advice. Once you have good guidance, you can do the work of executing the plans on your own, but at least you have some confidence that you’ve really picked the best-for-you (or hell, most affordable) option.

So we bribed captured tricked asked a wedding planner who we’ve worked with for six-plus years if she’d be up to doing a Reddit AMA–style thread where you guys could ask all your wedding planning questions and get answers in (more or less) real time, and she agreed. Happy 2018 to all of you planning weddings! So today we’re absolutely delighted to have Meg Hotchkiss, the founder and lead planner for LVR Events in New York City (and beyond), here to answer all of your questions. She’s dishing out kind but firm, smart, and possibly hilarious answers to your most pressing questions.

Let’s get to it!

What are your Pressing Wedding Planning Questions? Yes, you can ask all of them.

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