I recently started shopping for a new bed and was quickly reminded of what usually happens when I set out to make a large purchase. I fell in love with a black and gold canopy bed, reasonably priced, well-reviewed, would look awesome with the rest of the bedroom. But it doesn’t have a headboard, and I just can’t get past that. (Feng shui is real y’all.) But rather than just moving on and going with another option, I just wish I could do something to fix it. My husband half-jokingly calls me demanding and particular, and you guys… he’s right. I always want a little bit of Option A, a little of Option B, and why can’t everything be just a little bit customizable please?

And that’s why our newest sponsor Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry’s mix-and-match approach to wedding rings is right up my alley. And her rings are a 🔥 mix of sleek + organic, modern + classic right out the box:

photo of a closed hand with rings and bangle bracelets

Here’s what Rebecca had to tell us about her process of designing wedding rings:

I’ve been making jewelry since I was a kid, for myself and for friends—making the jewelry that I wanted to wear, but couldn’t find, and sometimes turning drawings into pieces of jewelry. (Editor’s note: And then she went on to get an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago because girlfriend is legit.) I began getting more requests for wedding rings from friends and wanted to be able to use recycled materials and ethically sourced stones for them, so I decided to launch my own line. I wanted to create a line that reflected my artistic sensibility and my commitment to doing whatever I can to take care of the earth, which is where all of my inspiration comes from. (Editor’s note: Psst. Rebecca is also an amazing painter and photographer.) I make my jewelry by hand, with reclaimed precious metals—14k gold and sterling silver—and ethically-sourced stones. It’s been five years now, and I’m really proud of the way the collection has grown, organically, over the years.

You’ll notice if you look through the collection online that it’s very heavily focused on rings, and as a designer, rings have always been my favorite—to wear and to make. I try to offer as many options as possible. Most of the rings in the collection are available in a range of sizes for women and men (and if you don’t see your size, just ask) in sterling silver and 14k yellow, rose, and white gold, with many rings available in 18k as a special order. I want everyone to receive the exact ring that they want, so I’m always happy to talk about customizing a ring or finding the right size! The larger collection also helps to accommodate the number of requests for custom pieces that I get. I find it’s easier with more pieces in the line to work on custom projects, as clients can see the range of options and tell me, for example: “I like the texture of the Mitla ring, but the shape of the Alcott ring. Can we do that with some flush-set stones?”

Does anyone else hear angels singing at that invitation to get creative? I mean, I personally wonder about doing the gold balls of the Grand Pré with a square cut stone and textured band like the Alexandrine?

Which ring do you love the most? And better yet, how would you tweak it to make it just perfect for you?

14k Diamond Alexandrine Ring and 14k Rose Gold Highsmith Ring

14k Diamond Alexandrine and 14k Rose Gold Highsmith Rings

Triple stacked Orb and Grand Pré Rings

Orb and Grand Pré Rings

Diamond Oaxaca and McLeod RingsDiamond Oaxaca and McLeod Rings

14k Opal Grand Pré, Breakwater, and Diamond Petit Pré Rings14k Opal Grand Pré, Breakwater, and Diamond Petit Pré Rings

And just in case you’re wondering if Rebecca Mir Grady is the kind of person you wouldn’t mind exchanging a dozen emails with about ring designs, the answer is an enthusiastic YES. Her priorities include making clients happy through her small woman-owned business, marriage equality, environmental sustainability, travel, getting out into nature—the lady even had a super DIY wedding herself!

I love APW’s focus on feminism and diversity, on real people and real events, including the sometimes messy and stressful parts of weddings. I married my girlfriend last summer, and we had a very DIY wedding picnic and party for friends and immediate family at the lake in Chicago. Having been through the process now, I truly understand how wonderful, magical, and overwhelming weddings can be. Every choice—from the flowers to the food to the location to the jewelry to the music—all take time and a lot of thought. I’ll be honest when I say that for me the jewelry was the hardest part. I designed our wedding rings, but we tried out a lot of styles just to find the right ones for us, and I’m happy to be able to help other couples through the process with this perspective.

Beacon - 5mm

3mm Beacon Ring, Terence Band5mm Beacon Ring, and Mitla 2mm Band

Three rings stacked including the Diamond Highsmith and the Saphire and Diamond Castrée

Diamond Oaxaca Ring, Sapphire and Diamond Castrée Ring, and Diamond Highsmith 3mm Band

Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry’s pieces come sterling silver and 14k gold (with some pieces available in 18k), and the price range varies based on the material, with pieces starting at $45 for sterling silver studs (seriously don’t miss checking out her non-wedding pieces because these turquoise studs are calling my name) and simple bands like the beautiful $56 Mitla, and going up to $2,500 for the larger gold pieces. All pricing is shown with each piece, and Rebecca is also happy to quote customizations upfront based on the style and materials.

Anddddd, because y’all are the luckiest, Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry is offering 20% off anything in her shop for the next two weeks. Just use code APW20 at checkout. Go, browse, snag, because 20% off your bands is no joke! That savings could pay for your cute wedding shoes or an extra hour of open bar. 😉

a stack of rings of magical brilliance

So go browse Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry’s collection of ready-to-ship wedding rings, check out her latest, Collection VIII, inspired by recent part-honeymoon part-artist-residency travels with her wife to Wyoming and Montana (epic photos and Big Sky country travel tips right here), and don’t hesitate to reach out to Rebecca with questions about styles, sizing, and customizations. We can’t to see what you pick out in happy hour soon! 😍

Rebecca Mir Grady is offering 20% off anything in her shop for APW readers. just use code APW20 at checkout between now and June 7, 2018.


All images courtesy of Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry

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