I’m pretty sure everyone I know planning a wedding right now is looking for the wedding photographer unicorn: professional, kind, and charging $2,500 (even though their work looks like it should cost twice that).

two people kissing under an umbrellaa bride and her marine

Said unicorns are so named because they are almost impossible to find, except through, like… having a full-time job as a professional Instagram scroller? Selling your soul to Craigslist? Witchcraft? But Atlanta-based (and traveling everywhere) team of Erik and Christlyn of Lunalee Photography are the real deal. Their work is ah-ma-zing, their rates start at just $2,500 (for two lead photographers), and they are delightful humans. Plus, they recently got married (and it was super emotional and gorgeous), so they know exactly what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera and how to make sure it’s all #couplegoals and zero awkwardness.

Lunalee can take you from epic romance like this:

a wedding couple embracing in a field

To adorable and hilarious good times like this:

groomsmen throwing the groom in the aira bride kneeling down to greet a doga couple posing and laughing

To both, in the case of this winter wedding with puppies and plaid pajamas and fur stoles and exposed brick. 😍🔥🍾

So just how does Lunalee Photography get such naturally ear-to-ear grinning and in-love photos of their couples? Well for starters they’re not afraid to bust out the Michael Scott jokes when needed. As Erik told us:

The first thing couples tell us when we meet is how they love our candid style and how our clients seem so happy and genuine in their pictures. That’s great to hear because it’s exactly what we’re after! Our goal is to capture the real love between our couples and the real moments as they organically unfold. We’re not here to mold you like a mannequin and tell you when to smile. The name of the game is to be yourself! We want you to look back at your pictures and see real smiles, genuine laughs, and raw emotions. Of course it’s much easier to be yourself if you feel comfortable. This all ties into why we build relationships with our couples.

Christlyn and I are a newlywed husband-and-wife team, which means you not only get the security of having two lead photographers—we also know what you’re going through! It’s one of the biggest and most emotional days of your life, and now there’s a stranger in the room photographing you… that sounds like the worst, right!? We wouldn’t want that either! This is why our goal is to establish a connection with you before your wedding day. We want you to be confident in us, but equally comfortable being yourself in front of the camera (aka us!). We want to know your story, what you love about each other, and maybe even your favorites quotes from “The Office.” Here’s ours, courtesy of Michael Scott: “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

bride and her bridal partya couple embracing and happybride with a bouquet in front of her face

But no one really captures the magic of Erik and Christlyn better than their own clients:

Erik and Christlyn truly are gems. Our wedding day was busy and moving so fast, but they were the calm we needed. We’re not accustomed to having photographers follow us around, and I can imagine to some it might feel overwhelming, but not with these two. Though they were with us the entire day, for every shot, at almost every moment, we didn’t feel crowded or smothered. We didn’t have to ask, “Oh, could you get this shot?” They were always ten to fifteen seconds ahead of us. They captured some amazing moments, not just of us, but of our guests also. We truly couldn’t have asked for a better team. If you are looking for superior editing, eyes for detail, great personalities, flexibility, and super prompt service, you need to hire them. —The adorably hilarious Japera and Ian

a couple giving each other piggyback ridesa couple holding hands and smiling

Lunalee Photography’s rates start at just $2,500 for Atlanta-area weddings (locations more than two hours by car from Atlanta have a travel fee of $500) and $3,900 for all other domestic weddings (with all travel included). All packages include full-day coverage from two lead photographers. Lunalee also offers elopement packages starting at $1,500—and y’all they’re experts at eloping, having done so themselves in spectacular fashion.

And speaking of traveling, Erik and Christlyn may be headed to a national park near you this spring and summer, and if so, they’d love to photograph you—for free:

We have a bit of travel coming up and would like to do a couple’s session or elopement giveaway. It’s a giveaway, so no charge whatsoever! If any APW couples are available at these places on these dates, we’d love to hear from them.

March 22, 2018: Joshua Tree National Park (near Los Angeles, CA)
July 9, 2018: Columbia River Gorge (near Portland, OR)
August 6, 2018: Mount Evans (near Denver, CO)

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everyone raising their glasses for toastCouple embracing in lovecouple walking through sendoff line holding sparklers

So seriously go check out Lunalee Photography’s blog full of amazingly in-love couples, follow them on Instagram because they are #couplegoals, and then you know what to do—, because it doesn’t get much better that being photographed on your wedding day by an actual unicorn.

Lunalee Photography HAS PACKAGES startING at just $2,500 for local Atlanta weddings and $3,900 everywhere else (travel included).
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