There’s no doubt photography is an art form. That’s why the people who go to school for photography earn BFA’s. But it’s funny; whenever I’m asking friends what they’re looking for in a wedding photographer, the art always comes second. Instead, they tell me they want someone who is fun to be around, who won’t steamroll them on the day of. And yeah, the photos should be good too. That’s why artists like Los Angeles–based Laura Ford Photos are such a treat. Her bright, colorful, bonkers-amazing images are made possible by her unstoppable work ethic, and the result is 😍 plus 😂 plus 🎉:

A couple laugh and smile during their wedding ceremonyA young groomsman leans against the wedding getaway car.a bride and bridesmaid doing pushups in a parking lot

Not only does Laura Ford capture all the action of your wedding, she does so flawlessly. Far from being the kind of photographer who kills at candids but struggles to compose portraits—or is too busy to document all the details you worked hard on, Laura is equally adept at emotional first look portraits and booze-fueled last dance candids, classic family group photos and incredibly styled detail shots. All of the weddings on Laura’s site feature all of the above, but mostly I don’t want you guys to miss this couples’ larger-than-life cardboard cutout of their cat, because that seems important right now.

A bride and groom get married underneath a giant tree two brides sit next to each other, smiling on their wedding daya bride stands against a while wall, smiling

In addition to never taking her eyes off what’s going on around her, it’s Laura’s ability to put her couples at ease that helps her get such incredible images. As client Lindsay Tom says (and many others agree):

As an art director and former wedding coordinator, I already knew what to look for in a photographer: friendly, responsive, organized, bright and easy documentary style, and someone my husband and I could have a drink with. Moreover, we needed someone who could travel between Chicago and Orange County. We really wanted engagement photos in Chicago, our beloved home and city, but we also wanted the same photographer to shoot our wedding in California. We were so happy to find that Laura regularly travels between both!

My husband and I are typically uncomfortable in front of the camera, but Laura’s kind, laid-back demeanor immediately put us at ease. She helped us live in the moment and let our walls down—which made for much better photos (engagement and wedding)! During our wedding, Laura kept a close eye on our schedule and helped us stay on track without making us or our bridal party feel rushed. She was patient during our family photos, and she was almost invisible throughout the day while she captured our wedding. Our family members and guests raved about how refreshing it was to attend a wedding where the photographer just let them enjoy the wedding.

My husband and I loved working with Laura, and we cannot recommend her enough. Thanks to Laura, we’ll be able to look back on so many lovely details and moments for years to come. Take it from someone with high standards for photography AND wedding vendors: Do yourself a favor and book Laura right away.

a bride and her bridal party stand together with a large abstract mural backdrop

Laura Ford’s rates start at $3,000 (most couples end up spending between $3,600 and $4,600), and that always includes two photographers (with Laura as the lead), plus Laura’s “delightful day” promise. As she told us: “I’ve carefully chosen my assistants and second photographers. Personality is just as important as a creative eye in my opinion, and it is my highest priority that couples have an amazing wedding day! (Calm, kind and courteous are always in our bag of tricks.)”

bride wearing short wedding dress holding red and orange wild bohemian bouquet
couple in wedding dress and suit in front of mural that says ain't easy

Laura is also starting to mix in some film photos for the diehard photography fans out there: “In 2018 I am introducing FILM as a medium that I’ll be working with on wedding days. Film has such a beautiful aesthetic that is very hard to impossible to achieve with digital photos. I will be integrating film photography throughout the day, while still shooting digital primarily.”

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A wedding couple embrace and laugh at the end of their ceremony

So if you’re looking for a photographer who will capture incredible images from every last moment of your wedding, someone who’s going to care just as much as you do that you don’t miss a thing, and someone whose fun, colorful style will give you the same happy butterflies as your wedding itself, go check out more examples of Laura’s wedding coverage here, follow her Instagram for even more awesome images (seriously how do her couples have the cutest kids, the 😍-est venues and the coolest details), and send her an email ASAP.

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