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Q: Hey APW, can we talk about what makes someone willing to be a destination wedding guest? I’ve fallen in love with a wedding and reception venue that is in Los Angeles, which is where I live now. Unfortunately, most of my family and friends from college are on the East Coast. I want them all to make it to my special day but they’re so far away! Is it rude to ask people to be a destination wedding guest?

I absolutely want to be considerate of my guests and would hate to inconvenience them… however, now that I have discovered this perfect venue, I can’t imagine marrying anywhere else. When we send out invites, I know people would enthusiastically say yes, but things will come up last minute and they will cancel.

How can I ask people if they are really going to show up and not cancel the last minute?

Answer From the Editor:

Before booking your venue, make sure that the people that really matter to you (close family and friends) can actually make it. You might need to ask yourself if it’s more important if you have your dream venue or your dream guest list.

If you know it might be hard for some people to be a destination wedding guest, do your best to provide options and flexibility when it comes to accommodations to make it easier on everyone involved. And if some guests can’t make it, they should be able to respectfully decline in a timely manner.

Did you have a destination wedding, or have a wedding location that’s far away? How did you do it? Were there a lot of last-minute cancelations?

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