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If you’re planning a wedding in New York City, and you don’t already know about Queens-based Corey Torpie Photography, then hold the damn phone. Because no one in New York (or anywhere for that matter) shoots quite like Corey. And I mean, she threw a rooftop pizza party in Brooklyn for her own wedding, so she gets APW weddings at a core-deep level. She even gives away one wedding each year to a couple where one or both partners work in a job that gives back to their community, and she spends her free time teaching kids in the Bronx darkroom photography.

But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here for this:

bride laughing holding a bouquet of orange flowers in front of besuited guestsFamily members planting and watering tree in small pot with bride and groombride and groom on city street with wedding guests, all looking delighted and astonished at something off camera

Corey Torpie’s rates start at $4,095 for 8 hours of coverage (and eight years of wedding photography experience). She offers special pricing for elopements and smaller weekday weddings, and any APW couple who books Corey before December 31, 2017, and mentions this post gets $400 off! And if you’re not in New York City? She’ll come to you for between $500 and $1,000 depending on location (girlfriend has captured APW weddings from Sri Lanka to Switzerland and Paris to around all the United States). And all packages include a free one-hour engagement or couples session so you can get to know each other.

Speaking of getting to know each other, from what clients Dan and Nina say (and I’ll second that having been so lucky to get to hang out with Corey #irl), Corey is exactly the kind of person that you’ll treasure having by your side:
Corey is super empathetic. I’m a psychologist, so I don’t mean Corey is just a good person to talk to. She’s constantly thinking of other people, which translates into a thousand little decisions that made what could have been a fraught process just so utterly enjoyable. I don’t remember ever hearing from anyone that they had a fun time taking wedding photos. We did, and we really enjoyed it. So let me just say that Corey’s awesome.
And once you know she’s as awesome as her work, what else is there to say? Just look at the pictures already.

two joyful grooms being hoisted in chairs by wedding guests beneath illuminated string lightsTwo flower girls in white dresses with flower crowns kissingbride with long dark hair playing bass near microphone with light shining behind her

It might be her training as a photojournalist that makes Corey Torpie so skilled at capturing every single element of a wedding day, and this wedding is the perfect example of how she doesn’t miss a thing—even when the groom starts sprinting like Superman. (Someone please tell me the story there?!)

But, in Corey’s case, photojournalism doesn’t mean a bunch of candids where you’re caught off guard with a weird expression on your face, it means immortalizing small fleeting moments where you’re looking amazing and completely engrossed in your partner and community and wedding day. You know, kind of like these:

Bride laughing joyfully as she walks down the aisle in a bright white room holding a bouquet of purple flowersTwo brides holding hands and laughing in front of tropical green plantsBride with small blue shoulder tattoo kissing groom in grey suit near brightly lit windowBride and groom standing near water, overlooking skyline, with veil blowing in the wind, obscuring faces

When you look at Corey Torpie’s wedding photography, it’s like all the stress involved in planning a wedding melts away, and you can see how fun they actually are. All I’m saying is, if I were planning my East Coast wedding today, I’d book Corey in a heartbeat. Sadly the ship on my wedding has sailed, but it’s not too late for you. Go spend the rest of your day getting lost in Corey’s recent weddings and you’ll see what I mean.


Image CreditCorey Torpie Photography

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