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Sum-up of the wedding vibe: An update on your traditional church wedding, with 240 of our closest friends and family. (Seriously, that was the short list.)

Planned budget: $20,000
Actual budget: $25,000
Number of guests: 240
LOCATION: Portland, Maine

Where we allocated the most funds:

$14,000: Venue, Food, Setup and Breakdown, Linens

Where we allocated the least funds:

  • $3,500 Photography
  • $3,000 Florist
  • $800 DJ
  • $500 Cake
  • $2,000 Gifts
  • $500 Church Fee
  • $900 Wedding Bands
  • $200 Favors

What was totally worth it:

The venue. Our venue cost $14,000 and included two hot and two cold appetizers, champagne toast, a buffet for 240 guests, the actual venue, setup and breakdown, linens, and charger plates.

What was totally not worth it:

I spent WAY too much money on my bridesmaids’ gifts, and I should have known better. I bought them each a pair of Victoria’s Secret pajamas ($25 each that I got on sale after Christmas), a pair of earrings, and a personalized tumbler. I don’t look back and regret it, but I think I could have done away with the pajamas. They were super cute, but when you have fifteen bridesmaids, fifteen of everything adds up real quick. They would have been happy with literally a bag of dirt and a card.

A few things that helped us along the way:

Delegate! When people ask what you need help with, tell them! Whether it’s trying to figure out how you’re going to get to the venue without breaking the bank or if it’s asking someone to pick up a last-minute item… just ask for help and don’t try to take on everything yourself. And if someone (like a parent) offers to pay for something, just let them and move on.

My best practical advice for my planning self:

Make a list of literally everything you need to purchase the second your venue is booked. This made it so much easier to figure out how much everything cost and what I could afford and when I needed to get it.

Favorite thing about the..

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