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Sum-up of the wedding vibe: Texas Summer, Austin Chic.

Planned budget: $30,000
Actual budget: $35,000
Number of guests: 100
LOCATION: Hutto, Texas

Where we allocated the most funds:

Venue, Flowers, Photographer, DJ

Where we allocated the least funds:

  • Dress and Suit: Melissa’s dress was actually cheaper than the suit! She found it on Etsy and had it tailored through the dressmaker.
  • Food: We did Rudy’s BBQ. It was delicious, well-known, very Austin, and very affordable.

What was totally worth it:

Getting a wedding planner six months from our wedding day was totally worth it. Callie really liberated us from all of the wedding stress, and at the same time, made it so we were full participants in the planning. She brought great expertise and insight when making our decisions; it made us feel confident in all our choices. She also introduced us to a group of awesome women who owned small businesses here in Austin. Our florist, photographer, personal trainer, and cake maker were all incredible, hardworking women.

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