Everything to do with weddings is expensive these days. From makeup and bridesmaid dresses to usher suits and music, the cost of a wedding is becoming more and more expensive in the UK. One of the biggest costs, though, is the wedding venue. If you’re looking to significantly cut the costs of your wedding so you can have a more luxurious honeymoon, or you’re simply saving for a new house, you should start by negotiating with wedding venues, and this is how it’s done.

1.      A Confident Approach Will Pay Dividends

The secret to negotiating a good deal on your dream venue is to approach the organiser with confidence. Going into the venue for the first time being unsure will get you nowhere when it comes to negotiation. It’s also important you’re realistic about what you can really get discounted. Sometimes, discussing the price isn’t necessary and just getting other extras included for free could be the difference.

2.      Arm Yourself with Quotes from Other Vendors

It’s crucial you do your homework before you start haggling on a venue you have your heart set on. Visit other venues in the area and arm yourself with numerous quotes before you even think about visiting your dream venue. This will give you the ammunition to haggle and it’ll also give you the confidence in knowing you’ve done your research and how much it should cost. If a venue doesn’t have many bookings ahead, it’ll give you more firepower to haggle for free extras, so try and find out what the future looks like for the specific venue.

3.      What Price Can You Really Get Your Dream Venue For?

Negotiation is all about research when it comes to wedding venues. Ask friends and family members how much they paid for theirs at the same venue or similar local ones. It’ll give you an idea of the cost and how much negotiation the venue is willing to do to suit your budget. Look at ukweddingsavings.co.uk for more tips when it comes to wedding venue research and the prices you should be looking for.

4.      Be Nice, But Not Too Nice

It’s all about having the right tone when negotiating with venues. They’ll always be professional in their approach so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do the same. When asking for extras to be thrown in for free, be firm but polite and ensure the venue is aware you’re going to carry on negotiating until you get what you want.

5.      Be Willing to Compromise

If the venue is happy to negotiate with you, ensure you’re ready to compromise on different offers. For example, do you really need your wedding to be on a Saturday evening when it could take place on a Friday? These are all compromises you should be willing to make just so you get the best deal from the venue.

How you implement the above tips will determine how much you save on your wedding venue. If you’re really looking to cut wedding costs, always concentrate on getting the best price for your venue first.

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