Let’s talk wedding gift ideas. Sure, nine times out of ten, you’re probably popping a check in an envelope with the cutest seriouslysofun card you could find at Papyrus. Or, ordering that thing from that one place (yawn) off the wedding registry and putting all your creative effort into the prettiest gift wrap you can find at Target. Yes, it’s semi-heartbreaking not being able to buy that heart-shaped Le Creuset Dutch oven for your to-be-wed babes. That would be nice, but so is being respectful of your friends’ actual wants and needs.

But then, there are those golden times when it’s all up to you. The couple is blasé about the gifts, couldn’t be bothered with a registry (or it’s all been snapped up, weee!), and doesn’t really need the cash, tbh. (You know—those friends.) Those times when it’s socially sanctioned and actually downright encouraged to get any gift we want? To get daydreaming on the coolest wedding gift ideas on the planet? GET IN, WE’RE GOING SHOPPING.

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We’re not going totally hog wild here (I left that to the bridal shower gift roundup), so we’re going to try to stick mainly with items to help the couple build up their “new home,” as tradition goes. After all, even if they’ve been living together for a decade, chances are they don’t yet have a pair of ultra-luxe, sleek-AF, Scandi pepper and salt grinders that are basically works of art. Or hand-hammered brass serving spoons. Or a cooking pot with a little piggy for a handle! And they need it, obviously. I’ve also included travel-themed items, because honeymoon! And wanderlusting life together!

And then of course, there are just the Fun and Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas. But a warning: These may not apply well to some, or even most, friends. But if you do have that one couple in your life that actually would appreciate the magic of getting an absurdly expensive duo of action figures that look just like them, trust us, no amount of Farberware is going to top that in their book. You just won the gift-giving game. *high five*

Now, let’s shop. (And if you’re still building your own registry, boy do I have some ideas for you.)

Wedding gift Ideas for the kitchen

Take your friends’ kitchens to the next level with all those things they want to buy but never actually do, AKA blossom bundt pan, designer Smeg appliances, and OMG: Cheese. Vault.

wedding gift ideas - a copper bundt pan with petals

Blossom Bundt Pan via Nordicware ($40)

copper pot sitting on marble counter

Vintage Copper Saucepan via Food52 ($550)

white plates - organically shaped

Organically shaped earthenware tableware via Zara Home ($14.90–$17.90)

wedding gift ideas - a picnic basket on white filled with plaid towels and dishes

Picnic Time Picnic Basket Set via Amazon ($139.95)

peppers, vegetables and fruits from Chelsea CSA website

A local CSA membership! Like Chelsea CSA in New York City, which runs ($17–$24 per week)

walnut and metal compost bin with vegetables inside on counter

Walnut Compost Bin via Food52 ($175)

Colorful kettle on white

Smeg Dolce & Gabbana kettle via Neiman Marcus ($600)

Green toaster on wooden counter by window

Smeg Vintage Chrome Toaster via Crate and Barrel ($149.99)

cast iron and wood dish on white

Scandinavian Cast-Iron Casserole Dish via MoMA Design Store ($295)

maroon cast iron pot with lid and pig handle

Cast-Iron Cocotte via Sur La Table ($319.95)

Marbled blue baking dishes on marble countertop

Enamel marbled baking dishes via Amara ($26–$49)

Person sauteing eggs on stove with wooden tools

Wooden Sauté Utensils via Earlywood Designs ($35)

copper stand mixxer on counter next to plant and wooden board

Wedding Warriors TC

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