Maybe it’s just me, but I found choosing a wedding photographer to be, like, the most nerve-wracking aspect of wedding planning. You’re tasking a single person with creating the primary record of your wedding day memories (including trusting that they’re both a creative artist and a bona fide professional who’s not a flake and going to do the unthinkable and not have backup equipment/memory cards/assistants, etc.), and to capture those memories they have to be with you almost every single second (including if and when you’re ugly crying and your boobs are hanging out as you put your dress on). And you also want to make sure they’re super on board with all of your plans, because constantly having to explain that you’re not doing everything the “traditional” way gets tiring.

Like I said, tall-effing-order.

A wedding couple stand together in front of a coral wall

Which is why getting to tell y’all about From SF With Love is making it feel like my birthday right now. From SF With Love’s Laurie Wilson has every strength in the wedding photographer book: beautiful work, an impressive educational and professional background, a diverse portfolio that makes you feel represented (she’s half-Chinese and speaks Mandarin, so she personally gets it), skills shooting epic outdoorsy weddings and hip city hall ones, and equal support for carefully considered traditions and outside-the-box wedding rebellions. Laurie also loves to travel (granddaughter of a pilot) so her packages, which start at $3,500, include all travel in California. Oh, and most importantly, the APW team has met Laurie, and she is lovely.

But whatever, you guys, because the photos here are the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten such intense FOMO from wedding pictures before.

bride and groom pose separately outside a small shack in a desertman raises up flower bouquet to the sunman jumps into air in front of wall of balloonsa man rides a horse holding a childman and woman walk through narrow dead vines as confetti is thrown at thema man dances during his reception, a couple sit together leaning the sides of their heads against each otherblurry image of a man picking up a woman

From SF With Love’s rates start at $1,000 for 2 hour city hall elopements, and full wedding coverage begins at $3,500 for 6 hours of coverage (perfect for you city hall + fancy dinner wedding folks), and other popular packages including 7 hours of coverage and a second shooter for $4,000, or 8 hours, a second shooter, and an engagement session for $5,000. These rates include travel anywhere in the state of California, and if you’re farther afield, just ask because Laurie will travel anywhere you want to take her.

photo of a bridal party waking away

Because in addition to weddings Laurie is an on-demand commercial and editorial photographer, From SF With Love takes on a limited number of weddings each year to ensure that all of her couples get the full extent of her magical powers. Like Amy says:

Laurie is an actual sorceress. She makes magic. She has special powers which draws all the beauty from everything she captures with her camera. When I got engaged the FIRST thing I did was find Laurie. Before I planned anything else, I had to find my photographer. It was important to me that I find someone who’s work spoke to me, but it was also important to choose someone who would appreciate and add to the good vibes I hoped to channel on my wedding day. Laurie was that person and so much more. She’s friendly and cool as shit, my husband and I had so much fun meeting her and hanging out for our engagement shoot. And her photos, ugghhhh I can’t even handle it. They’re stunning. I want to put the photos in a slideshow that I watch over and over on repeat until I die. Her work speaks for itself, so I’ll leave it at that. Thank you Laurie for capturing our personalities and for adding so much light and love to our day!

a man and woman beside a building as he kisses her cheek

So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer that has everything you could every ask for—because of course you are!—than go ogle more dreaminess on her Instagram, and send Laurie an email. And then please, please, please, send us your photos.



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