Two pairs of feet, one in colorful red slippers, the other in taupe flats with the top of the feet decorated in red henna, standing on a curb with yellow autumn leavesT he other day I got to celebrate the birthday of APW’s brand manager Najva with her family and friends here in New York. At one point the conversation turned to living in New York, and one half of the refugee couple she helped to sponsor said this of living in New York for the past months: “I have never once felt unwelcome.” And it’s that unabashed inclusivity and fierce community (buried beneath the gruffness) that makes people come here, and what keeps them staying here. There are all kinds of New Yorkers, and all kinds of tri-state area weddings, and my favorite thing about Hoboken, New Jersey’s Studio A Images is that photographer Adena shoots and shares them all.bride and groom with Superman t-shirt under his suitbride in blue dress and groom kissing in front of Empire State Buildingbrides kissing in front of Brooklyn Bridge

This coming spring will mark Studio A Images’s tenth year in business, and since the beginning Adena has been committed not only to striking portraits and killer candids like those above, but to warm and responsive service that’s firmly rooted in inclusivity and equality. Since day one she’s always addressed her communications—from the form on her website to her attention in a meeting—to both partners, never the “Bride” and “Groom,” something that means the world to her clients:

My husband and I found Adena at Studio A Images after much searching. As a gay couple planning to get married in Hoboken, NJ, we were looking for a photographer with experience on both of those fronts—we didn’t want our wedding to be anyone’s guinea pig. When we came across Adena’s website, it felt like a godsend. Her portfolio included many same-sex couples, and each couple seemed to be represented through their own unique tastes and styles. Nothing felt “packaged” or filtered through a manufactured aesthetic—and what’s more, she was a local.

When we spoke with Adena by phone we were impressed by her ability to use non-gendered language when discussing our plans (so many other vendors were fixated on who was “the bride”). Adena continued to impress us throughout the entire planning process, with conscientious suggestions and assurances that were always spot-on.

On the day of the wedding rain loomed and a few unavoidable issues came up with other vendors, but Adena’s photography was the one factor we were not worried about. She navigated our pre-wedding pictures expertly, managing twenty-five-plus family members all while keeping calm and focus, and keeping us calm and focused as well. At the wedding ceremony and reception she managed to be everywhere and nowhere at once—totally unobtrusive, but also capturing every special moment, including many we did not get the chance to witness ourselves until we saw her photographs. We recently received the photographs of the day and are beyond thrilled with the work. Everything we like about Adena’s photography is there: attention to detail that is editorial-worthy, candidness that is documentary-like, and composition that is flawless. I unequivocally recommend her work. —Justin

(Dying to see just how awesome those pics were? Your wish is my command.)

bride raising bouquet and groom in military dinner dress uniform recessing down the aisletwo grooms embracing at candle-lit receptiontwo brides signing ketubah with rabbi, surrounded by familygroom holding brides train on fire escape as she looks back at him

Adena told us that’s she also thrilled to be hearing from more and more straight, straight couples who appreciate seeing the diversity in her portfolio because they take being an ally seriously. As she says: “I’m extremely inclusive—my clients range in age, body shape, race, gender identity, religion. To me, love is love and you don’t need to fit into a specific box for you to be seen on my website or to see people who look like you. I’m honored that people are constantly complimenting me on seeing ‘real’ people in my work.”

bejeweled bride wearing ornately embellished red attire with henna and banglescouple fully clothed standing knee-deep in water at sunset, laughing

Full-day coverage from Studio A Images begins at $3,800 for 8 hours of coverage, with elopement and tiny wedding coverage starting at just $950. And since not all weddings are the same—especially here in New York and New Jersey, where we like to do things like save cash by having weekday courthouse ceremonies plus fancy restaurant dinner weddings, Adena customizes packages to fit every wedding size and need. She loves shooting small weddings as much as big ones as well as everything in between.

Plus, Studio A Images is also offering $350 off any package booked by the end of November. Score!

wedding couple, one in a white dress holding bouquet, the other in black pants with suspenders and a bow tie, leans in the doorway in a greenhouse

So if you’re looking for an experienced New York/New Jersey photographer who will honor the uniqueness of you, your partnership, and your wedding—because let’s be real, unique is New York—then look no further than Studio A Images right here. And while you’re over at her site, don’t miss Adena’s tenth anniversary portrait sessions with past couples. Adena regularly ends up shooting family sessions years after the wedding (folks who have been reading APW for a while might recognize these ladies and their killer style), so to celebrate her upcoming milestone, she’s been offering mini sessions to past couples from each of her ten years in business:

I would not have made it ten years if it wasn’t for my amazing clients. It’s been so much fun to see them and catch up, meet new additions to their families, and also just chat with them and see where life has taken them since their wedding day. Not all the news has been good, as life isn’t perfect—but to hear the good and the bad and reconnect with them has been a really amazing project this year.

I wouldn’t have expected anything less from a photographer who truly gets that a wedding isn’t just about one day, but a lifelong commitment that’s already begun when she meets you.  Now go get your warm fuzzies on, and don’t forget…

STUDIO A IMAGES IS OFFERING $350 off ALL WEDDING packageS booked by NOVEMBER 30, 2017.

Image CreditStudio A Images

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