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SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE: A string of thoughtful and reflective moments shared with our closest family and friends.

LOCATION: Oakland, California

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Where we allocated the most funds:

Our venue! We had an intimate wedding (an “elopement” in the wedding industry’s eyes!), so we were able to craft an intricately detailed and personalized experience for each guest. Also, because just about everyone was from out of town (and we got married at the height of rush hour on a Thursday), we wanted to have the ceremony and the reception in the same location. Our photographer was the second largest part of our budget: Andria = the best, though, so that was a no-brainer.

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Where we allocated the least funds:

We spent the least amount on decor. The industrially rustic space was chic and didn’t need much to make it shine. We lit votive candles, used my bouquet as the table centerpiece, and called it a day!

A man wipes away a tear during his wedding ceremonyA wedding guests helpfully walks up to the groom during the ceremony to gently wipe away his tears of joy

What was totally worth it:

Sticking to a small guest list! We got to spend time with each and every person who was there. Also, our day was never stressful because everyone present was already considered family. Our wedding, from start to finish, was a communal endeavor.

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What was totally not worth it:

Excess food. There was nothing we could really do about that because our caterer had a twenty-person minimum, but there was SO much food leftover!

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A few things that helped us along the way:

The biggest thing was..

Wedding Warriors TC

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