From the couple:

After our marriage in October 2016 Krishaun and I spent the next year planning and navigating our life to promote love, hope, and joy through our love as husband and wife. We spent the year working towards building a foundation for our future family and worked tirelessly to become the best versions of ourselves with these new found roles. As newlyweds we focused monthly on our vision as a couple. The 15th of every month finds us having what we call “navigator’s conferences” moments that we take the time to remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and provides us time to be focused on our marriage, physically, mentally, and spiritually. During this time we reflect on what’s working in the marriage, what ways can we improve, and what aspirations do we have for our marriage but most importantly for each of us as individuals. Although being husband and wife is our first and foremost role, we understand that we are individuals who yearn to grow. We act as one another’s personal cheerleader pushing one another to continue to strive for excellence. The first year of marriage was a phenomenal time of growth and love. We traveled, we laughed, we lived and loved. We developed a deep partnership focused on building a legacy and look forward to the next years of forever to come. Krishaun and Gerald are currently Washington DC native residents and educators.

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