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Q: I have the great luck to be getting a husband and a daughter (age ten) in one fell swoop. We would like her to give a wedding reading, something about the power, importance, strength, and/or value of family and we’ve been having a heck of a time finding something appropriate.

None of the blended family stuff I’ve found is right for us. This is a first marriage for both of us, my daughter’s bio-mom isn’t in the picture at all, and I will be adopting her once we’re married. Help!


We love your idea of a specific wedding reading to address the importance of the value of family. While we don’t have a specific reading in mind, take a look at what this blended family did to create a heartfelt celebration with family values in mind.

How have you celebrated becoming a blended family? Where have you found readings recognizing such an important transition? 

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